Monday, November 22, 2021

Busy Little Beavers


Yeah, we've been busy little beavers.  In a figuratively literal way.  Hey, it's wood and we're chopping it.

We started on October 7th with the tippy cedar tree and one pallet.  (Now the center pallet.)  Then we got the bug and started dragging things up out of the forest to chop up.  Hubs added a second pallet for 'other wood'.  Once those two started to fill up, he added a third pallet.  We have one more pallet available and just enough room to put it.  We'll see.

Those pics were taken yesterday afternoon.  We've got it all underneath the sun porch, where it can stay nice and dry.  If you look at the top pic, you can really see the difference between the cedar and the 'other wood'.

Here's where the magic happens:

That's the stump from the tippy cedar tree we pulled down and chopped up.  We use it and the cinder block as saw horses.  The wood laying around is what we dragged up to saw.  When we get the urge, we'll cut it into lengths and throw it under the house.  Just two old folks and a limb saw.

Some of the wood we now have waiting to be chopped came from our oldest pile, where we've been throwing deadfall for 8 years now.  The pile was pretty tall and wide.  7 foot high by 10 ft wide by 15 ft deep.  It's now about half that and moved from between two trees to a more open spot.  We have three more deadfall piles as you go down the hill from the house.  We'll get to those eventually.  I don't look forward to dragging wood up from the bottom of the hill, lemme tell ya, but we'll do it.  

For the record, we are not taking down anything alive, except for tippy tree but he had to go.  And we're only working on land we own.  (Although I am starting to covet the deadfall on the neighbor's property.  When we finish with our wood, I'll ask him if he wants us to take care of his dead stuff, too.)

Anyway, like I've said, it's good exercise.  And it's an excellent way to leave the world behind for a while.

Are you finding ways to leave the world behind?  These days it's kinda necessary.


  1. Wow! If nothing else, y'all could build a fire pit and sit in comfy chairs around it on cool evenings burning the wood and star gazing. I miss being outdoors like that. Original plans called for taking out a window in what was then the dining room, putting in a French door and adding a deck. 20 years later, that room is now the library, there's no deck and no door. The actual back patio is too small for furniture. Ah well.

    Getting ready to shower and put on real clothes. Jake and I are headed to Wallyworld so I don't have to be anywhere near retail until next week sometime.

    In other weekend news, I'm curious as to what the narative on the so-called "legacy" channels are regarding the mass casualty event in Waukesha. One of those outlet is claiming the driver is a rapper from Milwaukee. Hrm... 🤔

    Okay. It's getting lighter outside and I want to hit WW early to avoid having to people. Here's to a good week for us all! Later, tater. 🥰

  2. You've been busy!
    My neighbor had to chop down a couple of huge trees in her yard. She didn't want them so we split it with another neighbor. Came in handy during our freeze.

  3. That looks like a full cord to me! Now you just need a fireplace. Or a fire pit to roast fish and marshmallows!