Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 45

I broke down and looked up the week this time.  Yay me.  Forty-five weeks in, seven left to go.  May 2022 be a better year.  (Lord knows, 2021 sure wasn't.)

Anyway, thanks to a kind and friendly poke in the ass, I got some editing done this week.  I input 7 pages worth of edit notes and I'm through to page 129 of the manuscript.  Don't get excited or anything.  I'll have to go through and make a whole 'nother round of notes and input those before I can even think about sending it to beta readers, whose notes I will also have to input.  

No marketing, no sales.  

I seemed to have a better reading week.  3 books finished.  But I'm still 8 books behind on my goal.  I've read 58 books and my goal was 75.  Oops.  

In baking news, I made a tube of cinnamon rolls I picked up at the Dollar General.  Those were pretty good.  I also did a batch of zucchini bread, but for some stupid, brainfarty reason, I only put 2 cups of sugar in instead of 3 cups.  It's not horrible, but it's also not right.  Oh, well.  We have two loaves of that, so those'll get eaten before I try again.  Luckily, Hubs likes it.  And I don't hate it.

Let's see... what else is there?  Oh, yeah, activity...  I was active 5 out of 7 days.  4 days worth of woods work and one day we went fishing.  Let's not talk about weight this week, eh?

The woods work...  Hubs and I dismantled our top-most wood pile.  8 years that thing has been sitting there, building and decomposing.  We pulled out the best logs and set everything else in a better place, where it's not brushing up against any trees.  The best logs are now in a couple of other stacks, drying out and waiting for us to saw them up.  Hubs figures we're at a cord of wood now.

Oh, and that tree I thought might be a persimmon, based on the bark?  It dropped a fruit near where we were sawing wood.  It was a persimmon fruit, so it has to be a persimmon tree.  Mystery solved.

As for the fishing, we went out knowing a cold front was on the way.  The front arrived just as we got out of the car.  Woohoo was it ever windy and COLD.  We weathered it for about an hour, got some bites but no actual fish, and then went home.  It was fun, but cocoa when we got home was so necessary.

The yellow-bellied sapsuckers are back.  Yay.  Now we wait for the eagles.  I thought I might've seen one on my last trip to Wallyworld, but I couldn't confirm it, so I'm not counting it.  The robins are also stopping on their way south.  They've cleaned the berries off all the spicebushes already.  Voracious little buggers, they are.

Thanksgiving is this week.  I have all the things needed for a yummy TGD.  And the turkey is now defrosting in the fridge.  It's 14.5 pounds.  The smallest I could find for the price of 78c a pound.  I thought I was pretty smart for getting it that cheap.  Then my mom said they got theirs for 33c a pound.  Doh!  We also have cranberry sauce (jellied and canned, of course) and stuffing (Stovetop) and rolls.  That's about it for our feast.  I mean, I have corn and rolls, but we've been ignoring those these last few years in favor of pigging out on turkey.  LOL

Oh, and I bought the stuff to make pumpkin cheesecake.  I'll get that done on Wednesday.  (If I make it sooner, we'll eat it sooner.  I'm trying to be good here.  LOL)

And that's about it for me.  What's up in your world?


  1. FYI, you can make my cinnamon rolls when you aren't craving them, actually bake them then freeze so all you have to do is heat them up when you ARE craving. 😉 Yay for activity, persimmons, fishing, and baking. Have you considered "grilling" the zuchinni bread with butter and then adding some syrup? Yay for edits and reading! 📣

    Yeah, there was a week and a weekend. My own "follow-up" for tomoorw will be boring but what else is new, right?

    So, my new-ish keyboard is already missing letters. At least the keys aren't sticking, which was the reason for the new keyboard--along with the rubbed-off keys. Since I couldn't get at cover to fit this model, I just let my acidic fingers do their thing. I finally ordered key stickers. They're supposed to come today. We'll see. ⌨

    Managed to break an earpiece off my glasses. They're sort of together. Yay for hot glue. 👓

    Weather chilled out. I like cooler temps but not cold. It got cold. Yeah, yeah, I'm never satisfied. 🤣

    Took a nap yesterday. College football is good for that. Was pulling for MSU to beat that fake OSU. Next week, I'll be rooting for Michigan.

    Today is more staring at the MS. Hopefully, words will happen. If not, I can always take a nap, right?

    That's it for me. Later, tater! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. Yay for editing! I look forward to reading your fantasy. Do you have any titles in mind yet?

    Yum to pumpkin cheesecake! I think Thanksgiving is off this year. My sister got a cold, gave it to Mom, then gave it to BIL. She still wants to cook, though, and deliver food. I'd rather put it off, or call it off altogether.

    I started to get back on the writing horse, but I didn't get much done. I did manage to sell 45 copies of my color dictionary over the last 6 weeks -- I'm falling over in shock! I suspect it wound up on a college reading list. I can't complain about that! :-)