Thursday, November 4, 2021

Thursday This n That

Ever since I got my new monitor, I can't see the outline of this box where I type in my blogs anymore.  It's like typing out into space.  Derp.

I'm actually typing this at quarter to eleven at night, after lying in bed for an hour and then getting irritated with myself enough to make me get up again.  Played a few hands of poker, read some crap on FB.  Now, I'm listening to classical music and drinking milk in an effort to get tired.

On a side note, listening to classical music to get myself to sleep means I can no longer listen to it in my car.  It makes me drowsy.  Not a good thing to be while I'm driving.  Blerg.

Hubs and I have been dismantling our wood piles.  We have four piles and we've started on Pile 2.  Anything big enough to be firewood is getting dragged back out so we can cut it up.  And we've got some big-ass logs in there.  Loads more wood to cut up.  Yay.  It's mostly oak and cedar wood, but we do have some elm and ash and hickory and black walnut on the property.  Unfortunately, once it goes into the pile, we can't really tell what the other stuff is.  Cedar is easy to identify because the wood is red in the center.  I'm also trying to keep whatever hickory we find separated.

On a side note there, dead cedar trees are dangerous.  Spiky, super hard, dry limbs.  We are using great care not to fall on anything.  You'll put your eye out.  (Yes, I was channeling A Christmas Story there.)  Or you'll become perforated.  Nobody wants that.  And our property has loads of cedars - both living and dead.  

We're having a freeze warning tonight.  My last three little tomatoes are still pretty green and my other plant is still blooming.  They will probably be toast.  :sadface:  

I really should write a wrap-up post for my container garden blog for this season.  

...I went back to bed and laid there until around midnight.  This is me finishing the post at 6am.

It's actually about 36 degrees F right now, so not quite a freeze.

I made a to-do list yesterday.  It's still sitting there.

Hubs just started laundry.  He's awesome like that.  Get up and get 'er done.  

What this n that things do you have to talk about today?

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  1. Cedars--especially red cedars--are a fire hazard. They go up like Roman candles in a fire. Even if they are green.

    It's been cold and cloudy here all week. There's a rumor of blue sky today. I made beef stew and cornbread last night and hamburger stroganoff the night before. Comfort food.

    Baseball is over until spring training. I haz a sad. Yay, Atlanta! Go National League!

    I've managed to hit my goal of 1667 (or more) words each day of November. Go NaNo. Should I mention that I have cheated and finished out some incomplete scenes to hit that number? I'm still doing over 1K a day so there's that. I wrote down how many words I'd already written on this project so I don't plan to cheat there.

    Tuesday was fun. Winsome Sears is my new hero. She is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! Also, I'm heartened that appears America is waking up...not WOKE, but WAKE!

    I'm picking Stormy up after school and he's coming over here for awhile. A close friend of Only's died unexpectedly and the funeral is today. She'll pick him up after.

    I caught a glimpse of Warlock (named by my neighbor). S/he is the one feral kitten. The neighbor's daughter managed to snag the other kitten, who was vetted, fixed and adopted. They tried to catch Warlock but couldn't. He's fuzzy like Loki but I think he's more a charcoal gray than black. I hope to get a closer look eventually. I also think that maybe Smudge dropped by the other day. Grown and fluffy now, but the same coloration.

    Not much else going on around here. We've dodged the freeze by a few degrees (due to cloud cover) though there's a chance tonight if the clouds clear off.

    Happy Thursday. Hope it's a good one for us all. Later, tater!