Friday, November 12, 2021

Moron Pricing

Ahem... More on Pricing?  Either one works, prices are up and we have morons to blame for it.

Anyway, I went to Wallyworld yesterday.  Here are a few things I noted:

85% lean burger is now almost the price 90% was for the same size package.  I know this because they didn't have any 90% lean, so I bought the 85%.  I didn't bother checking the price for the 90%.  I also didn't bother looking at other cuts because of reasons.  Like I said, the grocery store had outrageous prices for beef in their 'sale' paper last week.  I joked with the greeter gal at Wallyworld about accidentally hitting a cow - they wander into the road often around here - and asking if I could take the meat home.

All the lunch meats have gone up about a dollar a pound at the deli.  Hell, bologna is over $4 a pound now.  I got deli-sliced ham and chicken.  They were both over $7/lb.

Xtra laundry detergent is a dollar more than it was last time I bought some.  Still the cheapest brand, but gah.

I picked up a pair of shoes for Hubs.  The same brand and style he's worn for years.  Used to pay just under $20.  They were just under $25 yesterday.

A 12 pack of GV toilet paper is up to $10.72 now.  Last year, it was like $6.79 or something.

A 4 lb bag of sugar is now over $2.  And didn't they used to sell sugar in 5 pound bags?

Gas at the Wallyworld pumps = $3.05/gal.

I wish I had saved a receipt from a year ago.  It seems like everything was so much cheaper.  

But if you mention how prices are higher because of the current administration, you get fact checked.  Like it's all just some kind of strange coincidence.  Umm... no.  It's a cause and effect thing.  And it's not going to get any better until something changes.  Unfortunately, we're in for another three years of this.  

To borrow a line from Atlas Shrugged: 'Brother, you asked for it.'

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  1. And gosh, it doesn't matter if you have a Ph.D or a high school diploma, the whole supply chain thing is beyond your comprehension. Really? My Ph.D econ professor (were he still alive--which I have no clue if he is or not) would snarl to differ. And gosh, I learned all about it in what was basically Economics 101. I'm so sick of the arrogance and the hateful, racist verbage those people are lobbing. Ahem. *climbs off soap box*

    Prices. First, Uncle Fix-It trades for half a steer every six months or so, straight from the source who then butchers and ages. It's mostly turned to hamburger but I also have a couple of steaks and a brisket in the freezer. I already cooked the roast. If it weren't for that, we wouldn't be eating much meat.

    Soy milk is up a bit. Lets not talk bacon--when you can find it. Eggs are up. Cheese is up. My "suitcase" of Diet Coke (24 cans) is up $3 from last year--$2 of which bumped in the past couple of months. And that's when I can get it. Seems DC is the most popular in my Wallyworld because the shelves are often empty. Cat and dog food is up. Personal hygiene items are up. Gosh, EVERYTHING is up! I'm tuirning into a horder because when I can get my hands on something we use a lot, I grab doubles or triples just in case. My weekly bill has gone up from just over $100 to $180. My sales are down and LG and I getting by on my SS and his VA. I don't even want to think about the cost of electricity and natural gas. Oh! And gasoline here is still under $3, but just barely. But I live near the source since there's no way Oklahoma will shut down the "fossil" fuel industry or our refineries and pipelines. Screw 'em and them who voted 'em in. And yeah, November 2022 will be an interesting time.

    Okay. I need more coffee. I have 6 pages left to proofread and then a back matter file to update for D2D and then I can upload MONTANA MOON back to Amazon and D2D and then I can update MOON SHOT, which comes of KU today. (Yes, I've already unchecked the box.)

    Happy Friday. Have an awesome weekend! Go be a woodchuck. 😉