Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thursday This n That

I probably shouldn't be allowed on FB at 2 o'clock in the morning,  My urge to argue with people overrides my need to ignore them.  I probably shouldn't play poker either.  LOL

I spent the previous two days shifting around heavy stuff.  Boxes of books?  No sweat.  I can throw those around like they're pillows.  (Okay, not really. but they're not too big a deal.)  We took a carload of stuff to St. Vinny's yesterday.  I would've sworn that box of encyclopedias wasn't half as heavy when I put it into the trunk on Wednesday as it was when I took it out of the trunk on Thursday.  Blerg.

Thank you, St. Vinny's for accepting that set of encyclopedias.  I wonder if anyone actually uses those anymore.  If they'd been an older vintage I might've taken them myself, but 1985 wasn't old enough to warrant bringing them home.  I have a 1957 set I won custody of when my parents moved out of my childhood home.  

If you don't know what St. Vinny's is, it's St Vincent de Paul thrift store.  They were awesome for me when I was in college and needed things for my apartment.  I give to them here when I can and I love shopping there.  Or at least I did before the 'rona hit.  Now that I see the workers aren't wearing masks anymore maybe I'll go back to shopping there, too.  So many awesome books.  

One of the worst things about getting older is eating.  I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever and wherever, without worrying how it would affect my digestive system (or my general poundage).  I ate at a freakin' restaurant yesterday and my stomach is staging a revolt.  Which is why I got up at 2am.  I spent hours throwing around boxes and lumber and whatnot.  I was feeling pretty awesome about it all.  Look at me look at me, I'm young and vibrant!  Then I get sucker punched by damn restaurant food and I'm feeling every bit of those 51 years.  Not sure if it was the super yummy burger with its awesome bun.  Or the cheesy spinach and artichoke dip.  Or the yummy chips.  Blerg.  If you asked me earlier, I would've said it was all worth it.  Now?  Not so much.  So, here I sit, drinking baking soda water and hoping to maybe go back to bed and catch another couple hours.  

By the way, the food was so good, after lunch, I ordered takeout from there for dinner.  A grilled chicken sandwich for me and a bacon burger for Hubs.  So yummy.  Screw you, stomach.

Also, by the way, we tried a new restaurant.  (Well, not new since the waitress told us they'd been there 6 years, but neither of us had ever noticed it before, so new to us.)  One thing I learned when I was a road warrior was to eat at places where worker dudes eat.  If there are worker dudes having lunch there, it's good food.  Those dudes know.  They don't have time or patience to eat crappy food on their lunch breaks.  This place had lots of worker dudes.  Some people think 'eat where the locals eat', but that's not always the case.  You have no idea what the locals are used to.  Worker dudes?  They know.

Worker dudes = UPS drivers, construction guys, salesmen, etc.  They travel around enough to know where to eat and where not to eat.  When I was on the road, I could've pointed out both in my sales territory.  Trust me, when you're in the middle of a job and miles from home, you do not want to eat at a bad restaurant.  And all apologies to that poor gas station on Woodward Avenue that I had to stop at after eating in a bad restaurant back in 1999.  

Okay, I should probably try going back to bed now.  See y'all later.

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  1. Eat where cops eat, too. They also know.

    I see a lot of "crafts" involving books--either painting them or covering the covers or ripping out pages. I cringe because...BOOKS! Even books I don't like deserve better. But...obsolete encyclopedias? I could "repurpose" those. Also I have a set from the 1930s from my dad. They're beautiful and will never be anything but books.

    Boone decided to be a pain in the arse at 3 a.m. When he wants our attention (ie. he wants us to notice that he MIGHT want to maybe go outside, or maybe not, depending...), he has a sharp one note bark that hurts the ears. I gave up at 3:15 and put him out. Jake went too. Neither of them went into proxisms of barking so I have no clue what set Boone off. Obviously, not some stray critter in the yard.

    Needless to say, once I'm awake, I'm awake. Which sucks. I miss the days when I could stay up late and sleep in even if I had to get up at pee at some point. Now? Nope. Once I'm awake...well, see above.

    Continuing to make headway on the office clutter. Two 13-gallon trash bags and box for Heartland Thrift. Sadly, I need Only for at least a day before I can tackle the closet. That's all her stuff! I'm tempted to just toss or haul since it's been here since 2011 but it is her stuff. As LG clears more space in the garage, some of her stuff already in tubs can move out there and I can proceed with the rearranging. In the meantime, there's plenty of my accumulated crap to go around. LOL

    My Cards! That's all I'm gonna say.

    In all my clearing and sorting of clutter, I did find my "compression" glove. It works better for the knuckles when the arthritis kicks in than the carpal tunnel brace. I'm glad to have it back.

    Stormy b-ball game tonight and then he's spending the night. Teacher service day tomorrow so he's out of school but Baseball Boy has to go to in-service training. LG bought 3 new models. They'll have fun. LOL

    That's about all the this I have at the moment. Hang in there. Later, tater.