Wednesday, September 22, 2021

My Life is So Exciting

It's Wednesday??  Blerg.  Not that Wednesday is necessarily bad.  I just feel like a turd because I missed Monday and Tuesday.  Sorry about that.  Not that you really missed anything.  I spent Monday working and I had yesterday off with much decompression happening.  (Code for total vegetation.) 

I did hit the thrift store yesterday.  Picked up 5 old books, 3 of which I already had.  I can never remember which Vince Flynns are in my library, so I keep picking up the same ones over and over.  At least some good comes of this folly.  If the new copy is better, I trade it out for the worse copy.  Aside from the VF novels, I got a copy of The House of the Seven Gables (paperback) which I didn't have.  And an Alfred Hitchcock anthology in hardcover.  I love those things.  They're about the only anthologies I really enjoy.  I also found two gorgeous coats for cheap  ($9 total).  One is waterproof and lined so its toasty warm.  No more slogging out in wet snow and getting soaked.  Yay.  The other is also nice and warm and lovely.  Lined with faux fur.  

I also hit the bank and then drove over and paid the trash bill.  I don't mail that bill because the company's office are right on my way to damn near everything.  Just park and throw the bill in the handy-dandy box they have for that purpose.  

My life is so exciting.  


  1. Sometimes, life needs to be not so exciting. And I totally missed you but figured you were busy! Also, thanks for the song. It's awesome.

    I'm fighting with FedEx. Not really "fighting", well, except for my frustration. Long story over the delivery of the catcher's leg guards we ordered for Stormy.

    I've pretty much vegged out so far too, though we did hike 1/2 mile at the ball fields last night.

    Crazy how the little frustration can derail a day. I really need to get out of my head. Well, not out of it, necessarily, but move to a different neighborhood in there. I need to get words done.

    Anyway, are you back to work today? Hang in there. Oh, and bonus on the books and coats! That's awesome. I never find cool stuff like that at the thrift stores. Ah well.

  2. I missed you, too, and figured you were back to moving your friend.

    I keep telling myself a dull life is good! :-D