Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 37

:blink blink:  Hello there.  You're still coming around, eh?  Cool.  I should rename this the 'Moving Friends Spectacle', but this will pass and I will someday be back to writing.  Not today, though.

We finished staining the decks - two coats in an Autumn Brown that kind of looks like cedar once it dries.  Looks lavender in the bucket and when it first goes on.  My friend hated it when we first put it on, but it's growing on her.  Or at least the idea that no matter what color it is or whether it clashes with her tastes, it's done and she won't be living with it for too much longer is growing on her.

We've been going to bed at 7:30pm a lot this past week.  Last night we went to bed then and I woke up at 12:30am.  Hubs got up at 2.  Then he went back to bed at around 4 and I went to bed at around five.  I was up again just before 7.

Turned on the TV at 3.  Nothing was on, so I selected Sumo wrestling on the Japan channel.  Live from Tokyo.  But in English, thank god.  Two massive mountains of flesh in tiny attire, grappling and trying to push each other out of a circle of sand lined with rocks (it looked like rocks).  It was like watching the bizarre love children of hippos and grizzlies fight.  Massive muscles underneath mounds of quivering flesh.  Both gross and entrancing.  One guy's thong thing was way too loose.  Another guy's was way too tight.  One guy was super hairy, which I thought was against the whole Sumo thing but I guess not.  One guy reminded me of Jaba the Hut.  For the most part, though, they were well-shaped but incredibly fat dudes.  In one bout, one was 177kg (390lbs) and his opponent was only 130kg (286lbs) and I was sure the larger guy would throw the smaller one around.  Nope.  Skinny (for varying definitions of skinny) dude won.  All in all, it was interesting.  Then Hubs went to bed and I watched the end of The King and I.  Sad.

One of my tomato plants has two new tiny tomatoes.  Yay.  Same plant that gave me the other tomato.  Most of the garden is still alive, but I can tell time is growing short.  In news for next year's garden, I got a bunch of big plastic planters from my friend, so my plants will have larger growing spaces.  

Today or tomorrow - I have both days off - I have to go get the car serviced and buy two new tires.  If Walmart has the tires I want in stock and can put them on today - and if the oil change place is open on Sundays - I'll go there.  If not, I'll get tires closer to home and then drive down for an oil change and groceries tomorrow.  Or I might just veg out today and get it all done tomorrow anyway.  

I'm pretty worn out, so two days off will be nice.  Back at it on Tuesday.  Luckily, it's only packing and cleaning from this point.  No more painting.  No more ladders.  Just some lifting, which should be easy since I am strong like bull - moreso now than when I started this adventure.  I'm also sporting one hell of a tan with tank top and shorts lines.  Actually, it start out as one hell of a sunburn, but aloe took care of that and now it's brown.  (And no, I don't worry about skin cancer, so don't go there.  Let me enjoy my sexy tan.)

I've also lost 3.5 pounds since 8/10.  Loads of activity during and after which I am not inclined to eat a lot.  Weight: 181.2

I finally actually know someone directly who has the 'rona.  He said he felt pretty gross there for a couple weeks, but he sounded about done with it.  I hope it's true.  Hubs will call him today and see if that's the case.  

Well, a creepy, orange-red sun is rising here.  We're getting the wildfire smoke again.  Whoopee.  And I should probably toddle off.  Have a great day wherever you are.  And tell me about your week, if you're so inclined.  :hugs:


  1. Grey skies here from the high-level smoke. I don't see it in the morning sun so much but at sunset? Wowzer.

    Yay for weight loss. I'm mmanaged to stay just under 190 for over a week now!

    Days off rock. Rest up, but for the errands. Gotta take care of the vehicles so they last! Packing and cleaning will hopefully be a piece of cake compared to the repairs!

    I've missed the sumo and I have caught some rugby. And whatever weirdness is on either the Science or the History channels.

    I'm really tired of the weird sleep patterns. What's in the air that's doing that to us?

    I don't have much to report. I did get PO's at a long-time fave author. I reread the book she released in February to "bring me up to date" for the new release, as this series continues the action (no cliffhangers but more days-of-their-lives continuity) and I remembered why I left a very bland review. Her politics really leaked through in that book and she really pissed me off because she tends to use conservatives and Christianity as villains and fall guys. She's never once used any other religious faction as a villain and you'd think after what happened 20 years ago that she would have. Anyway, after really looking at the dogma being espoused, it occurred to me that now, that view aligns far more readily with CRT and the crap the left is cramming down our throats. I'm thinking the laugh's on her but she probably won't see it. Anyway, so far the new release is just about two homicides.

    LG is feeling better. Sports aren't a downer. I've gotten some new words. I managed a nap yesterday. And I think I've figured out the new floor plan for my office. Now I have 20+ years of crap (mine and Only's) to start sorting through. Imma gonna need some BIG boxes!

    I'm almost ready for my 3rd cup of coffee. By the time I finish it, I may have a plan for the day. Yes, that IS wild speculation on my part.

    Hang n there, enjoy your day no matter what you end up doing. Later, tater.

  2. We've got smoky haze, too.

    Thursday morning, while fixing Churchill's breakfast, I passed out cold and landed flat on my back -- with my head on the glass tray I use to keep ants out of his food. My first thought was, Wow my mattress is hard. Second was, what's this crunchy stuff on my pillow? Oops, no pillow, no mattress, and a bloody lump on the back of my head. I got my act together enough to call Mom, who came to rescue me, but then I had to put up with two hours of fussing. Thank goodness Thursday was bowling day, and Mom and my brother left to go bowling before I started screaming. ;-)

    I'm still headachy, but the lump is going down and I'm recovering just fine.