Saturday, September 18, 2021

Beating My Own Drum

This morning, I'm going to beat my own drum.  I worked hard for it, so no apologies.  

I spent the last several days helping sort their garage into keep and throw.  The 'throw' stuff ended up in a trailer to be taken to the solid waste transfer facility (who will then take it to the dump).  Yesterday was the day it went.  The trash in the trailer weighed in at 2400 pounds.  And most of that I had a hand in.  Over a ton worth of junk, thrown in over the course of two days and the third morning wherein we dragged an old nasty piece of carpet over the whole thing so nothing would fly out during transport.  

Here it is before the carpet...

I forgot to take a pic after the carpet went on.  But trust me when I say it added at least another hundred pounds or so.

I am a goddess.  

A tired and sore goddess, to be sure, but still a goddess.  

Today, a covered trailer is being delivered and we'll start moving the 'keep' stuff into that for storage until they're ready to move it to their new home.  

Here's the deck we stained last weekend:

It's bigger than it looks from this angle.  I'd say about 350 sq ft worth, but I'm bad at eyeballing distances.

I didn't take a pic of the other deck we stained the weekend before, but here's the garage we painted the weekend before that:

Also bigger than it looks from this angle.  It's a deep 1.5 car garage and it was mostly dark brown, so two coats on that puppy.

None of the above includes the packing we've done inside.  Or the two trips we've already made to the thrift store with a packed-full, four door mid-sized sedan.  (All kudos to the gals at St. Vinny's who helped us unload.)

Needless to say, Hubs and I have both been deities up to this point.  Especially considering our combined ages equal 117.  Add in my BFF and her husband and the total age is 240.  Old folks can still kick ass.  

I've been at this an average of 4 days a week for the past 4 weeks.  It feels good to actually be physically productive for a change.  Yes, even as tired and sore as I am.  Bruised but unbroken.  Go me.

Like I said, today's another day chockfull of work.  Tomorrow might be a day off.  I think I might need one.  LOL

What's up in your world?  Any drum beating of your own you'd like to do?


  1. Look at y'all!!!! Goddesses and Gods indeed! And yes, us old tarts can still kick ass. There's a reason they call us Boomers! LOL

    I have no horns to toot, no happy tune to whistle. I did make headway on clearing out my office. I need only for many, MANY steps but her life is crazy at the moment so I'm trying to work around her stuff. Which is hard since this room was hers for over 10 years and she did NOT take everything when she and Baseball Boy got married and moved into their own place.

    However, I am jonesing to get the office rearranged. It's been this way for almost 10 years and I really want a new...perspective, in hopes that shakes things up in my head. In the meantime, I'll slog along too. I'm not the "Hoarders" stage where I need an intervention but I do tend to let stuff stack up.

    Anyway, hope you get the day off tomorrow for some R&R. You and the hubs are good people and I know your friends are appreciative because that's some mighty fine work you've done there!

  2. That is a lot of WORK! You two need some well deserved R&R after this is over.

    Looking at your trailer reminds me how badly I need to go through the house and declutter.