Friday, September 24, 2021

Question Everything

Pardon me for a moment while I wander through some stuff...

When I was a kid, they were saying we were entering a new ice age and we should all panic.   By the time I was a teen, they said the planet was heating up and we should all panic.  Now, it's 'climate change' is bad and everything bad weather-wise is caused by man but nothing good weather-wise is, so we should continue to panic.  

When I was a kid, they were saying eggs were bad for you and we should all stop eating them.  Later, egg whites weren't so bad, but the yolks were awful for you, so stop eating those.  Then egg yolks were okay if you only eat a little of them.  Now, eggs are super foods.  Eat away.

When I was a kid, fats from dairy products were bad - whole milk, cheese, ice cream - and you should stop eating those.  Today, I read an article that said studies now show fats from dairy products can actually prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.  

There's a hole in the ozone layer, we should all panic and ban CFCs.  Oh, wait, there's always been a hole in the ozone layer and it fluctuates... we'll just stop talking about that.  But we'll keep the ban on the CFCs cuz we don't like those, even though they work better and make our lives easier.  

DDT is an evil thing and it's killing baby birdies, so we should panic and get that horrible stuff outlawed.  Except the data was faked, no birdies were dying, and it never harmed people.  Well, we'll still keep that outlawed even though it worked really well and without it, tons of people are dying of mosquito-born illnesses.

These days, they keep talking about following the science.  Well, they don't actually have a good track record over the course of my lifetime, so what science should I follow exactly?  The science of today?  The science of yesterday?  Which scientists?  The government paid ones?  The lone outliers?  

They're also saying 'the science is settled'.  That phrase alone should send you running for the hills.  Science, such as it is, is never truly settled.  Hell, their own track record on that proves science is never settled.  

It really makes me wonder what else they've said over the years that is patently untrue.  Long before I was born, cigarettes were okay.  In fact, doctors were recommending them.  Now, they're spawned from the depths of hell and no one should ever smoke one lest they be cast into the pit of unholiness.  Is it true?  :shrug:  Mom's been smoking since 1958 and she seems fine.  Dad smoked since he was 10 - unfiltered for a large part of those years - and not one of his ailments was ever related back to his smoking.  Yet, Hubs' best friend never smoked a day in his life and he died from esophageal cancer.  I had an aunt who never smoked, but she died of cancer, too.  (Lung, I think, but I can never remember for sure.)

Hell, they said being out in the sun was bad for you and would give you skin cancer.  Now so many people spend so much time out of the sun, they're suffering from a lack of vitamin D and calcium.  (You need the sun to process vitamin D and you need vitamin D to process calcium.)

All that's anecdotal of course, but it makes me wonder.  And science is actually supposed to be about wondering and questioning and thinking about possibilities and stuff.  

So, now we're here in the 'rona ages.  In roughly 18 months we went from 'it'll kill you' to 'it might kill you, but it will kill kids and old people' to 'it'll definitely kill old people' to god knows what.  The truth?  It kills some people, especially if they're old, infirm, or obese (usually a combination of those things).  But according to them, we all need to get the vaccine and mask up anyway.  (The social distancing thing seems to have been dropped somewhere along the way.  Personally, I want people to stay 6 feet away from me whether there's a virus around or not.)

What's the point of all this?  :shrug:  Question everything, perhaps?  Especially if something sounds hinky or feels off.  Follow the money, think about the motives, consider the sources, and do your own research.  It's hard work, which can be scary, but it's definitely less scary than the world they're presenting to us.  

And don't take my word for it either.  If anything I've said in this post, or any other, seems off to you, do your own research.  Just don't come back here to argue with me about it.  I'm so over arguing with anyone about anything.

Peace out.

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  1. And cows. Don't forget all those cows putting methane into the air that's eating up the ozone layer so kill all the cows so there's no milk, cream or cheese, and no beef. Fah on that!

    Follow the money AND the politics. They go hand-in-hand.

    Oh, and hydrocarbons are the devil! No more gasoline or oil. Solar, wind, and water power to the people! *raises fist in mock salute* Yeah. All those solar farms? They create enough heat to fry any bird who flies into it. And those wind turbines? They chop up birds like a kite chows on misquitos. And water? Hello, people. Drought? How ya doin' out there California? FYI, where do you think the majority of your so-called clean energy electricity comes from? Coal-fired and/or oil/natural gas fired plants. Think about that while your plugging in your Prius.
    Weather is cyclical. The pundits keep saying this is the hottest summer on record. ON RECORD! Ha! We hit an actual temp of 100 exactly TWICE this summer. Our normal average? 15 days. The heat index? That's a different story but that's based on humidity in combination with the temperature. Somebody explain how this is the hottest summer EVER!?!?!

    I trust our locally educated and trained meteorologists more than I do the so-called climate sceientists. Our guys point out that the climate changes. Hot goes to cold. Cold goes to hot. Temperate zones spread out and shrink. It's all part of the fact we inhabit a LIVEING planet.

    So yeah, totally preachin' to the choir here, darlin'. I'm with you. I'm more worried about North Korea launched a nuclear missle or an Islamic terrorist setting off a dirty bomb than I am about another ice age or Jurassic period (or whichever period where we were all seas and jungles!).

    Oh, and all those people on the coasts who forget about who provides their warmth and food? We'll be cool and/or toasty, depending on the weather, and eating high off the hog/steer/chicken while you're spooning fake meat and rationed water into your self-entitled mouths.

    Okay. Sorry. I didn't realize that rant was hiding, just waiting for an opportunity. I'm going back under my rock now.