Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Update, I guess.

 Okay, so yesterday morning I detailed what I've been up to lately - with photos.  It's not all that interesting or exciting, but it's keeping me out of trouble.

I spent 6 hours yesterday loading a 14' trailer with Hubs.  Well, actually, half of that was spent loading and the other half was unloading part of it and reloading different stuff.  We had a decided weight problem.  

You know those big ass tool boxes - like 6 foot long and five foot high and filled with various tool stuffs?  Well, we loaded it, but after we got everything else on, the trailer was sitting way too low to safely move.  So, we unloaded the stuff we'd put in after the toolbox and then the toolbox.  Then we loading up again.  

Along the way, we read the specs on the trailer and discovered it was only rated for about 3000 pounds. Umm, the toolbox was probably at least half that.  Blerg. And even after we got it off, we couldn't load as much as we would've like to.  Trying to maintain the right balance, doncha know.  Stupid trailer design.  

I guess there's a reason why the moving company said they would NOT move his toolbox.  He'll have to figure something else out.

We left before the trailer got moved.  I can only hope they didn't need to pull more off of it after they lost their movers, but we were exhausted.  Thank goodness today is an off day because I don't think I could lift a box of feathers right now.

Unfortunately, they're moving in 10 days and there's still a boatload of stuff to do.  They'll call me tonight and we'll go over the game plan for tomorrow.  I'm almost out of Asperceme.  Time to hit the Blue Emu.  And the Aleve, of course.

I'm still a goddess.  The Goddess of Bruising and Pain.  LOL

In other news, because this is the Sunday Update, I guess.  I made zucchini bread yesterday morning before we left.  Active 5 out of 7 days.  Weight: 182.4 as of yesterday a.m.  I did see 180.6 this week, but it went back up again.  

 I got up over 200 million in poker then went back down to 91 million.  I'm making my way back up again, but it's slower going up than it is going down.

I didn't read anything, but I did do like one and half crossword puzzles.  Woohoo.

And that's all I can think of right now.  Another 10 days and I should be back to regular life and regular posts.  

How did your week go?


  1. It was a week. A little clearing/sorting/tossing. A little errands. LG's truck is in the shop. We may get out for under $1K. Replacing the catalytic converter was $450 but it still wasn't right according to the engine computer codes so our long-time mechanic, who gave us a HUGE price break on the converter replacement, sent us to the Ford dealership service department. It sounds like it might be an oxygen sensor rather than the timing chain and that's $500 verses $4K. His truck is an '08 with 130+ miles but the body and undercarriage is in great shape and so is most of the engine. We'll probably hear something back tomorrow.

    I wrote a little, won a flash fiction challenge then added to that scene. It's a slog but forward progress is good.

    Ordered new cathcer's leg guards for Stormy. The set the team gave him are too short and his mom's old sets we still have are too big still. I found a bargain on a good set and crossing fingers they'll be here Tuesday in time for his game. If not, then in time for practice and the next game.

    Not much else going on. Re-listening to a very sexy paranormal series not because I'm all enthralled but because I can zone out during all the sexy bits (and there are a LOT) to get stuff done. Like napping. LOL Also, it beats having to pick out something new. Also, they're from the library so free read/listen.

    I should do some file sorting or something today. Or not. Bad night so I feel a nap coming on later this afternoon.

    Hang in there, rest up, and they might just have to transport the tool box/tools all by itself. Or take the tools out, pack them separately to distribute the weight and still transport it by itself. Later, tater.

  2. You are definitely the Packing Goddess!

    My sore head is better, finally. Fewer headaches, though I'm still wimpy. I'm glad it's not me trying to move!

    I got a little work done this week. Plus I found some ratty but WONDERFUL 1880s magazines on eBay and won the bid on 2 of 3 lots! Yay! I'm looking forward to working on them. :-D