Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Last Day

If all the stars have aligned properly, today should be my last day working on helping my friends with their move.  I'm totally ready to be done.  Like I told him, I'll miss them, but I'll be glad when this is over.  I'm a walking bruise and my muscles feel like I've gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson.  But hey, I lost 4 pounds in the past month.

They're supposed to call when the movers leave so I can go over there and help clean their house.  Then I can come home and fall apart.  Yay.

I have some ideas percolating - both for the writing and for the business aspect of it.  We'll see if any of them come to fruition in the weeks/months ahead.  

What I'm looking forward to most is sitting down with a book and spending the whole damn day reading.  That may be tomorrow.  Or Friday.  Or both.  ;o)


  1. Yay for almost being done! I know you'll miss your friend but I also know how getting back to your normal is important. I'll reiterate: You are the awesomenests of friends!

    Yay for down time book reading, new ideas, and losing weight. I'm down a couple of pounds this month too so double yay!

    Hang in there. Later, tater!

  2. You deserve more than a couple of days reading, after all the work you've done.

    I hope your ideas gel into something wonderful!