Friday, September 10, 2021

Working for Other People?

I have the morning off.  I'm due back at work at 11, to finish the first coat on the deck railings, spindles, etc. and maybe get a second coat on, if there's time.  She had errands to do, which is a good thing since I am feeling every minute of this week's work this morning.  Blerg.

They are happy enough with our work to suggest we do this as a side business.  I told them, and it's every bit the truth, there aren't enough people in the world we like to do this as a business.  I can't imagine doing all this work for customers we didn't know or people we didn't like.  That would be awful.  Then I'f not only be physically tired, I'd be mentally tired, too.  Bleh.

I remember the days I worked for someone else.  It was definitely better, no matter how hard the job, if I liked the people I was working for and with.  

When I worked for Dial America... yes, I was a telemarketer... Well, I managed telemarketers more than I actually telemarketed... I hated the job and I had little respect for most of the people I worked with.  There were only like 3 I liked - my direct supervisor and 2 of the telemarketers.  Liking them kept me from going insane doing that job.  But I needed the money and it was the only job I could find at the time.

As a writer, I work with no one.  Sure, Hubs is sitting like 3 feet away but he's at his own computer doing his own work.  And I like him, so even when we do work together, we work happy.  Even then, we never work together on writing stuff.  I can't even imagine doing a collaborative thing with any of my friend authors.  In certain aspects, I'm a control freak.  Writing is one of them.  So, I don't dare to collaborate.  Hell, I have a tough time packing a box with my best friend.  Rein in it there, B.E.  

It's probably for the best that I am self-published.  I control all of this.  It may not work out exactly like I hope, but it's all on me.  Every word, every comma, every page break.  Editors may suggest changes, but I can accept or deny them as I choose.  I have full control.  Bwa ha ha.

So, yeah, don't expect to see Sanderson and Sanderson Painting and Staining* any time soon.  

Unfortunately, don't expect to see any books out of me any time soon either.  I saw a funny meme thingy on FB this morning.  It showed the tan lines of various pursuits and when it got to Writer, the poor dude was white as a sheet.  Right now, I have the best tan ever, if that tells you anything.  October may be a good time for getting back to the writing/editing business.  This month is shot to hell for that.

* a division of Sanderson Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanderson, Inc. LLC. (Not real companies by any stretch of the imagination.)


  1. It always helps if you like the work you do and the people you do it around. I've had some miserable jobs in my life and now I'm perfectly happy sitting here, still in my "PJs", in my home office. The coffee pot is about 15 steps that way, and the bathroom is right around the corner. These two items are inherently important since they go hand-in-hand. 🤣

    I'm with you. I'm pretty sure collaborating on the same book would not work for me. That said, I have done projects with other authors where the individual books and some characters were interconnected. It was okay. Not my fave thing but it was a way to reach other readers and that mostly worked.

    Wait...I think have stock in Sanderson, Inc. LLC. 😉

    Don't work too hard and hopefully, you'll get some time off for R&R!

  2. Working for trad-pub would drive me out of my mind! Indie is the way to go.

    My aunt and uncle -- in their early 80s! -- started a yard maintenance business, and they have more requests than they can fill. Yikes! But they both enjoy running the riding mower and fancy tools, plus they get paid well, so they seem happy.

    I am soooo out of it this week. Hoping next week will be better.