Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Time for a Drive

It's time again for me to go get my license plates renewed.  And the boat registration, too.  I detest the drive up to the county seat.  It's all hills and curves through the woods.  I mean, it's lovely.  If I could take it slow and meander, that would be great, but invariably there are numbnuts in so much of a hurry they feel the need to be right on my tail.  And there's no place for them to pass me safely.  (They still try.)  It's worse when the sun's out because sunlight through the forest turns the road into a strobe-licious disco trail.  

I'm planning on going up today.  It's nice and cloudy.  But without rain or wind.  I just have to see if I can get the car inspected today.  One thing about living in the back of beyond is wondering whether services will be available when you want them to be available.  There's only one dude at the local place authorized to inspect vehicles, and he doesn't do it every day.  So, you have to call ahead to make sure he's there and that's he's in the mood to do inspections.

By the way, here a car inspection consists of him walking around the car while I use my turn signals, headlights, and brakes.  Honk the horn once and we're good to go.  Costs $12.  And like I said, you have to be authorized by the state to do that.  Woohoo.

In addition to the inspection certificate, I have to take my driver's license, proof of insurance, and property tax receipts.  Cuz they won't give you your plates (or itty bitty sticker for the plates) if you didn't pay your property taxes.  I wonder what people without property to tax have to show to prove they don't have taxes to pay.  Hmm.

(Hubs just got off the phone.  The dude will be there at 9:30a.  Yay.)

The government office where I get my registrations renewed isn't too bad.  I mean, it's TINY, but the gals there are pleasant and the wait generally isn't too awfully long.  

Between the car reg (2 years) and the boat reg (5 years) it'll cost us about $100.  :shrug:  Totally not bad compared to other places I've lived.  

In the eight years since we moved here, I've encountered deer in or near the road a few times.  Fingers crossed the critters are sticking to the woods today.  

Yeah, not the most interesting post.  But that's life.  What are you up to today?


  1. Cloudy here too, as it was last night so the Pink Supermoon was mostly hazed over. Ah well. Windows are open. Linens got switched yesterday. Winter ones washed and dried, though I left the microsuede comforter out to finish drying because there were a couple of damp places even after 3 hours in the dryer. Summer cover is on. Made for cooler sleeping last night.

    I finally discovered the name of some blooming plants that crop up in the flower beds and yard. Star of Bethlehem. They are pretty white, star shaped flowers that bloom early. I used the Seek app on my phone. You snap a picture and it identifies flora and fauna. I've only stumped it once--with the flowering "bushes"--okay, not really bushes but stems/branches all clumped together that have long, narrow leaves and sport frilly pink flowers all the way up the branch in early spring. Anyway...

    Jake and I will go pick up pizza later this afternoon. In the meantime, I hope to get more new words done. Wrote a short chapter yesterday. I'm sort of in a transition phase. I need to figure out how Sade pinpoints where Sinjen is for the...well...spoiler. Anyway, she needs to find him before they get together. Also, the one snippet I have for tomorrow's Wednesday Words involves a HUGE spoiler so that ain't happenin'. Which means I need to use the word/theme in new words today.

    But first, more coffee. Later, tater. And good luck with the errands!

  2. IIRC, our inspection is about the same, though folks in the city have to do a smog test, too. But we're lucky and can do the registration by mail, without the tax stuff.

    I hope the whole trip went well!