Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thursday This n That

I started the week with a massive to-do list, but I'm whittling it down.  And I'm adding to it.  But hey, stuff's getting accomplished.  For instance, all the gardens are weeded now.  Of course, the first one I weeded is already showing signs of needing to be weeded again.  Blerg.

If you read yesterday's post on Paperbacks, you'll see there at the end how I discovered issues with those of my paperbacks I migrated over from Createspace.  That alone added to my to-do list.  I think this is a neverending to-do list.  It just goes on and on and on.

Neverending should be one word.  Jus' sayin'.

Today is April Fools Day.  I don't do pranks.  Loathe them, in fact.  It is, however, the day I met Hubs in person for the first time.  Seventeen years ago.  Our wedding anniversary is in May.  About 6 weeks from the day I saw him to the day we got married.  When it's right, you know it.

When we got to the car that day, Hubs had a dozen yellow roses waiting for me.  I still have several of those, dried in a vase.  If I'd known how momentous the occasion was going to be, I would've kept them all.  I have every other rose he ever gave me, though.  

April 1st was also my childhood dog's birthday.  Or the day we assigned as his birthday.  We got him mid-May 1976 and he was 6 weeks old, so we walked it backwards.  Happy Birthday, you wonderful dog, you.

I don't say my dog's name online because it's frequently a security question.  I also never use that name as a security question because you never know when I'll forget and drop the name somewhere out in the world.  

It's amazing how many little things we have to do in our daily lives because some numbnuts did something no rational person would conceive of doing.  Can't buy effective cold medicine over the counter?  Thank the group of numbnuts who make meth with it.  

I just joined this group over on FB that's devoted to Crime Fiction.  But they don't allow self-promotion except on Mondays.  So it's just a bunch of people talking about the books they're reading and asking about books others have read.  It's kind of nice.  I did do a self-promo this past Monday and got one sale in the UK from it.  I think.  It's a UK group - a fact I discovered after I'd joined.  :shrug:  It's either that or my one Brit fan who used to hang out here found the book on the same day I posted.  Either way, yay.

I got my proof copy of RHI on Monday.  The Amazon proofs come with a banner all the way around the cover saying 'Not for Resale'.  Well, duh.  Except the banner covers verbiage I'd like to be able to read to determine whether it looks right.  Derp-heads.  The old Createspace proofs had 'Not for resale' stamped on the back page.  Heaven forbid someone wanted to buy one of those.  :eyeroll:

While I was out weeding, I found a wee, itty-bitty frog.  A baby gray tree frog.  So damn cute.  I mean, they only get to about 1.5 inches when they're full grown, but this one was maybe a half-inch, so a baby.  Yeah yeah, actual baby frogs are tadpoles, so let's say an adolescent tree frog.  Geez.

Well, this ended up being longer than I thought it would be, so I'll just leave ya there.  Got any this-n-that to share?

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  1. Happy April Fools Day and glad you and Hubs were fools for love.

    It's Thursday. It is also Opening Day! BASEBALL IS BACK! My Cards are playing the Reds in Cincy.

    Speaking of the Reds, which was the team I rooted for in college because 1) JOHNNY BENCH! and 2) it was close enough we could make a few games. Anyway, Johnny is from Binger, a small town not too far from here. I also discovered this week that he is a Choctaw. He's my people! LOL

    Writing has been more miss than hit this week. Still, some forward progress. I'm blaming part of it on the new keyboard. Because my body chemistry eats the letters on the keys, and I can't find a silicone cover for this model, I currently have it covered with plastic wrap. This is not an ideal solution. I'm going to buy a shrink wrap gift bag when I do errands today. Hope that works. If not, I need to locate a kind soul with a 3-D printer!

    My daffodils are fading. Still no sign of the peony that actually blooms. The one that doesn't has leaves. Also, the wisteria is showing signs of leaves but no bloom bracts. Ah well.

    Oh, before I forget--you have mail coming. I sent it out Tuesday afternoon. Expected delivery date is Saturday. You know, in case you feel like a nut...

    Speaking of, the lady behind the counter at the PO barked at me and Jake, and not in a nice way. She was all, "Is that a service dog?" in a snide tone. He was wearing his vest and minding quite politely. I informed her that he was and she decided she could help me afterall. 🙄 Whatever...

    We had frost on the ground this morning. Mother Nature's idea of an April Fool's prank. Going to 65 today and then 70s over the weekend and 80s next week. I'm ready to get some windows open despite the pollen!

    Okay. Time for one more cup of coffee and then real clothes and errands. Happy First of April!