Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 4/10/21

 Hello again!  It was a good reading week here.

I picked up one new ebook - a suspense.  And I received 9 old paperbacks from a friend who was weeding down her collection - 3 Agatha Christies, 4 Rex Stouts, and 2 Piers Anthony.  Squee.

Books Read:

24) Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie (4/9/21) - Mystery - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  Paid a box lot price which included shipping.
Review: "Ooo, that was a good one."

23) Ogre, Ogre by Piers Anthony (4/7/21) - Fantasy - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  Paid a box lot price which included shipping.
Review: "I repeatedly read this way way back when I was a teenager. I haven't read it since, until now. While some of the puns weren't quite as funny as when I was younger, it's still a pretty awesome book. And it now has a treasured place on my bookshelf."

22) The Case of the Perambulating Hatrack by Cedar Sanderson (4/3/21) - Paranormal Noir Mystery* - 5 stars.  Not new to me, but a new release so probably underappreciated at this moment.  Paid full price when Cedar let it be known that it was live on Amazon.
Review: "So much fun! A perfect blend of old P.I. noir and new urban fantasy. If Spillane and Butcher had a love-child, it would be Solly. Who would've guessed I could fall in love with an orc? Oh, I loved all the other characters, too. (Nettle was my favorite after Solly.) I loved the plot and the mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed the world-building. Definitely different in a totally good way. I can't wait to read another one of these."

No DNFs.

Currently reading...  Not sure what I'll pick up next.  Maybe the NF title I one-clicked by accident.  Maybe a Rex Stout.  Tune in next week to find out.  ;o)

What was on your reading list for last week?

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  1. I'm at 56 books on the year, 2 ahead of schedule. Still doing the Jayne Castle relisten. Neither new nor undersappreciated. They're all SciFi Paranormal Romantic Suspense. Talk about genre bending. LOL The one thing that irks me about these books is Jayne's attempt to make mundane earth things...different. Like coftea. Catdog. Pearberry. I've learned to mostly ignore them. On this world (also accessed through the same energy curtain [worm hole] that colonists used to get to Harmony), everyone has psychic ability of one sort or another. There are two types--talents and prisms. Talents need prisms to help them hold focus for any period of time. Extreme talents are feared so the three heroes try to downplay their off-the-charts talents. The heroines are all "full-spectrum prisms." Also, rules of marriage are very strict so there are matchmaking agencies that run paranormal profiles on those seeking a spouse and match them up. Marrying a non-agency match is all but unheard of. I leave the rest to your imagination.

    56 - Zinnia (St. Helens #2) - 4 stars
    55 - Amaryllis (St. Helens #1) - 4 stars
    54 - Illusion Town (Harmony/Ghost Hunters #13) - 5 stars

    Will finish #57 - Orchid (St. Helens #3) today as I have about 2 hours left so I'll just leave it here instead of listing it next week. Have absolutely no clue what I'll start next. I was re-listening to these two series for lack of anything else that stirred my imagination. Hopefully, something will pop up.

    Cheers to a great reading week!