Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Sorry about yesterday.  I had a plan to write a blog post and then I got doing my usual morning stuff and then I had to call the office and then I decided to go fishing.  By the time I got home, I somehow thought I'd written the blog post and so I went on about my day.  This morning, I realized what a total brainfart that was.  I'd feel better about it if I'd caught even one fish.  

I was only gone for about 45 minutes.  When I got to my fishing spot, I discovered they were doing more work on it.  They're now repaving the roads.  The crew hadn't arrived yet, and they park itself wasn't closed - just the ramp was closed - so I went on in.  I found myself a spot where I figured I'd be out of the way.  After a while, I started to hear large equipment moving up near the entrance, which made me totally paranoid that they'd pave me in.  So I left.  

I would've gone elsewhere, but I was on an eighth of a tank of gas and I don't carry much money with me when I go fishing.  So I went home.  

Just as well.  I had stuff to do.  Like transplanting my lettuce sprouts.  (Did you know microgreens are just lettuce sprouts?  At least, that's what I read the other day.)  I got that done.  Twelve egg things into four ice cream buckets.  Woohoo.  And yes, I ate one of the sprouts.  It was good.  

This morning, after another fun-filled night of not sleeping well, I opened my inbox to find my cover artist had done the back covers for UatB and CU and needed my approval before she makes them into PDFs.  So I whipped the email open and checked them out and... There was a mistake in the blurb for UatB.  It was a mistake that carried through all my stuffs - like Amazon and my blogs and pretty much every other place I had it listed.  Way to go there, brainiac.  And I'm the one who's tough on people who don't proofread their stuff.  :adjusts big red nose and floppy clown feet:  I fixed it all and it should be fixed live on Amazon shortly.

Some days I wonder if I'm actually as sharp as I pretend to be.  Derpy derpy derp derp.

Anyway, I hit the ground scrambling this morning and now I'm toast.  Like I went to stand up and my foot was asleep.  Only it's my head.  

I'd go get gas and try fishing again, but I hear thunder in the distance.  Maybe I'll just go read a book and hope my brain wakes the hell up.  

How are things in your world today?


  1. Derp. Been there. Glad you at least got a little lake time. Hopefully the construction won't last long and there will be an awesome place to fish when they get done. When do you have to renew your fishing license--or do you? (I've been watching LONE STAR LAW again. LOL)

    I like it better when I don't dream. I've started dreaming again and they're weird--especially last night. Heck, I should have saved that for the Thursday This-n-That. Oh well.

    Writing is alwos weird. One day, I go great guns and the next...nuttin' honey. That was yesterday. Once the yard guys are done, hopefully, this will be a "pistols firing*" kinda day. Yard crew is using the leaf blower. Load and upsets the dogs and makes them bark. Hard to think with all that noise going on.

    Two cups of strong coffee and I think the brain might be chugging to life. We'll see. I also have to figure out dinner tonight.

    That's pretty much my world. Happy Hump Day.

    *That's an OSU Cowboys/Cowgirls thing.

    1. I renew my fishing license end of February/early March, so I'm all legal and junk for another year. Hubs doesn't need one anymore because he's special. (i.e. over 65)

      Happy Hump Day to you, too!