Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 15

Gak.  Sorry I'm late here, folks.  I didn't finish this last night and then I got distracted this morning...

Well, we started out the week with Easter, which was just another day here at Sanderson Acres.  I didn't even make a special dinner.  Just threw a Stouffer's Grandma's Chicken and Vegetable Rice Bake in the oven and called it good.  

I didn't do any writing or editing this week, but I did format four books for print, get the two I'd done entirely myself uploaded, and get the proofs ordered.  And I contacted my cover artist for the other two books, got the paperback covers, uploaded those books and ordered proofs.  Then the proofs for the first two came in and I approved those for sale on Amazon.  The other two proofs should be here this coming week.

I really should set up some marketing for the paperbacks of Blink of an I and Unequal.  But I haven't.

I had a great reading week.  Right now, I'm on a Rex Stout - one that isn't a Nero Wolfe.  I never knew he'd written that many books.  I have a lot of work to do on that collection now.

No baking.  Maybe I'll make something with walnuts tomorrow.  I had a walnut windfall, so we're chock-full of those buggers.

In gardening news, stuff happened.  And I created a new blog to talk about that, so I'll let you go over there and see some stuff.  Including pictures!  Woohoo.  

On the activity front, I did something every day but one.  Some days I did more than one active thing.  All told, I walked almost 4 miles.  And did some garden stuff.  And went fishing, which was a bust, but I did gardening that day, too, so it's all good.  Weight: 184.8 still.  Better than up, though, right?

Speaking of garden stuff, my flower gardens are coming along.  Most of them were untouched by the deep freeze.  Unfortunately, my roses took a big hit and I had to cut them way back to remove all the dead stuff.  And I think my crepe myrtle is mostly dead.  Which is a bummer.  It has new leaves at the very base and not even a leaf bud anywhere else.  =o(

Since I'm late, I'll just leave ya there.  I can't think of anything else I did last week anyway.  How were things in your world?


  1. Crepe myrtles are surprisingly hardy and they often put up new shoots as older "stems" get old and dry out. No leaves or shoots on any of my yet but the wood looks...not dead. We'll

    I did have 2 wisteria "dangles" which surprised me. What are those called, bracts? Whatever. Anyway, the vines are leafing out so it's still around. Saw a Texas bluebell the other day. They've all sent up shoots but this one had a bloom.

    I'll get over to your gardening blog here in a bit.

    Last week was hit or miss. Loke drama, then Loki comedy. Loose dogs and feral cats drama. A couple of decent writing days. More days simply sitting and staring. This morning started out well, considering I'm sleep deprived. I figured out there are TWO villains. And why. Yay me. Since I'm at around 60K words and Chapter 22, it's about time, right? Write! 😆

    Not much else going on. My life is so boring. Glad you got to fish one day. Sounds like today will be a keeper and then the cold and possible rain sets in all this week. Yippee. Not.

    Okay. Break time over. I need to strike while the keyboard's hot. Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week! Later, tater. 🥰

  2. The blue bonnets, primroses, and Indian paintbrush are blooming like mad. I have 8 squash seeds sprouted -- yay! I love summer squash. All of my crape myrtles survived, except (probably) the ones in pots, but some down the road are only leafing at the base. I do hope they sprout soon, and they might; their bark still looks healthy.

    I got a fair amount of work done this week, but I'm still reading too much. And gardening. That counts as work, right?