Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday This n That

Does it seem like every week since this started is stranger than the last?  Or is it just me?  (Yes, I am getting stranger, too, but that's not the question.)

In case you missed it, this week a police officer saved a young girl's life by shooting the girl who was trying to stab her.  He's being attacked for doing it.  See?  When you leave all the skin colors out of it, it's pretty simple and the reaction to it is pretty strange.

Lumpy's jaw lump is back again.  She's still eating fine and is still a good weight, though.  Not sure what's going on there.

On the way back from fishing the other day, Hubs and I saw a buck who still had one antler.  It should've dropped off a long time ago.  Not sure what's going on there either.

I'm going to turn 51 next month.  If that ain't strange, I don't know what is.

A Model Curse is still on sale.  99c each.  Get all three for less than the regular price of one.  How is that not a deal?   Strange that people aren't snapping that up.  :shrug:

A couple days ago, we got a half inch of snow.  Which promptly melted.  Then that night, we got below freezing temperatures.  Which sucked.  I was afraid all my plants would croak.  Hubs told me the peonies were all gross looking.  I didn't want to see.  I've spent so much time and effort on those gardens and I didn't want to see the carnage.  Well, I sucked it up and went out to look yesterday afternoon.  Most everything seems fine and the peonies looked normal to me.  The black walnut trees on the other hand look like crap.  All their tiny new leaves are wilty and curly and turning black.  =o(

Michigan is seeing some kind of surge in the Kung Flu.  I mean, several states are seeing an uptick, but Michigan is way worse.  Not sure why, since that bitch has those poor people so locked down I'm surprised any virus could get through.  Mom says it's because people aren't being given the vaccine quick enough.  Data shows that to be false, so I can only assume she's being lied to by the press.  We're pretty opened here in MO and we're floating along.  TX is way open and despite having a larger population than MI, there are fewer cases.  Maybe it's because people are trapped inside due to the policies and the weather.  Then again, if that were true, there should be a surge in all the cold states with dem governors.  :shrug:  

For one of the spreadsheets I do, the company we get it from decided it would be a good idea to round the figures.  So any line item that was less than 50c is now a zero sum.  Sure, the lines that are more than 50c and less than a dollar were rounded up, but that didn't work in our favor.  Now I have to wait to get the right numbers so I can do the spreadsheets.  Blerg.  Now sure what the thinking was on that.  Strange.

I had this one guy trying to friend me on MeWe.  I went to his profile and there was nothing but pictures of him.  Sorry, dude, but I'm not interested in you.  Show me something in your interactions that might make me think I'd like to see your posts in my feed or don't bother.  So, I denied the request.  He must've thought I was a pretty hot chick, because he tried three more times.  I finally blocked him.  Of course, sometimes I look at their pages and think they might be interesting only to have them immediately try to sell me something when I friend them.  Those get blocked, too.

My knee is still bending right.

And that's more than enough out of me.  How are things in your this-n-that world?

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  1. Go home, Mother Nature, you're drunk!

    Yay for bendy knees. Boo to surges. Weird deer are weird but given the current state of things? Dude, the weirdness abides. (To paraphrase "The Big Lebowski." People who fiddle with numbers should be watched VERY closely. Just sayin'... And speaking of, I wonder if the parents of those two girls are out there protesting? Also the perpetrator's mother is screaming about her poor baby, but the girl was in foster care. Srsly?

    Okay, to me. No snow but subfreezing temps. See my comment above.

    The poor city crews finally arrived in the neighborhood to pick up the limbs from the sub-zero freeze in February. Our limbs were long gone, thanks to the BiL but I went out to thank them anyway. They were stunned that I thanked them and told them all their hard work was appreciated.

    This has been an okay/decent week for new words. Hoping the same for today, except I'm picking up Stormy after school and taking him to a "Snapology" class--it's like a private STEM glass using Legos. Only signed him up for a 6-week Star Wars course on Thursday afternoons. Totally glad to play chauffeur for the little dude. New kids to interact with, learning, and LEGOS! Only will pick him up after.

    That's pretty much my boring week. I'm avoiding the news as much as possible, trying to stay warm, and focused on finishing the damn book.

    Later, tater! 🥰