Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thursday This n That

I was at the dollar store the other day, checking out, when the cashier asked me if I wanted any two-dollar bills.  I'm all like 'sure, why not'.  She then proceeded to tell me the story of the man who had come in earlier and paid in all two-dollar bills.  And when she tried to give him his change, he wouldn't accept it.  Didn't want any of that 'dirty money'.  According to him, two-dollar bills are the cleanest money.  We should, in fact, be doing it like the Germans who have some kind of thingy in their cash registers that cleans all the money while its in there.  Ummm... okay.  Anyway, I now have a two-dollar bill.  I tucked it away.  Who knows... someday it might be worth something.  :shrug:

I also have a plethora of coins.  I'm pretty sure they're not worth anything.  (I've looked some of them up, and no, not worth any more than face value.)  But they're interesting to me.  Whenever I happen across foreign coins, I keep them.  I used to have an arrangement with a store in CO.  If they got foreign coins by mistake, I'd buy them for whatever American coin they got gipped out of.  You know, if it looked like a quarter, I'd give them a quarter.  Pennies, nickels, etc.  I have stuff from China, Australia, Mexico (natch), the Dominican Republic.  When I was in Michigan, Canadian coins were everywhere and they spent the same.  Down here, no one wants a Canadian, so it's worthless.  To everyone but me, of course.  I got a lot of Asian coinage when I was  in Utah.  Go figger.

The other day, a friend posed a question on FB about hobbies.  I mentioned fishing and gardening.  She pointed out that baking was probably one of my hobbies, too.  I joked back about baking being a compulsion, not a hobby.  And we laughed.  I also collect old books.  And I guess the coinage thing could be a hobby, but I don't devote that much time to it.  Same with collecting rocks.  

The covers for UatB and CU came in last night.  Now I just have to upload everything.  Also, the proofs for Blink and UEQ shipped yesterday.  Woohoo.

I have so many carrot sprouts coming up it looks like the pots are growing hair.  I'm going to have to thin them soon.  I hate the thought of thinning.  I mean, each of those carrots I thin will have to die.  I wonder if I can eat them.  Carrot microgreens?  Could be a thing.

Okay, I'm running late, so I'm gonna just leave it at that.  How are the this-n-thats in your world?


  1. It's interesting/weird about that man with the $2 bills. I wonder how long he can keep that up?

    Hubby is the coin collector in our family. Whenever our family or friends travel I ask them to bring us back a couple of coins.

    I do have a paper rupee from India though. I started a conversation with an Indian man--on a train of all places. We talked about India. I mentioned I'd never seen Indian money before and he showed me a bill. I handed it back to him but he insisted I keep it. It was a very small denomination if I remember correctly.

    I thought it was very kind of him. I really enjoyed our conversation.

  2. Wow. Thursday. Time needs to slow down a little.

    Speaking of money, we used to dump all our coins into jars and whenever we got a $5, we tucked it into a can. Back in the early days, LG and I bought several antique pieces with those jars of change. I paid for a plane ticket once, with the fives. Since the lock-down, we don't go out and spend "money." Everything is on card. It's weird. I may have to actually open a savings account because all that change and the fives WAS our savings account.

    Loki went missing Sunday afternoon. He finall reappeared at 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning. He'd slipped into the garage and evidently hid out in a far corner. Have the garage is filled with !!STUFF!! so not surprising and I'm guessing the racket from the garage door opening and closing kept him from dashing into The Great Wilderness. I finally put out food and water and LG got up to pee, saw him, woke me. I left the door open wide and went out to move the bowls closer to the door. He darted past me and inside. None the worse for his adventure. Stupid cat.

    Writing is good and bad. One day, I'll write like crazy and the next, I stare at the monitor like every brain cell has been freeze dried. Got a little writing yesterday but also did some "stacking" of previously written scenes. We'll see what today brings.

    Speaking of today, it's the home opener for my St. Louis Cardinals. Sadly, it's on MLB so the local guys won't be calling the game. The national guys just piss me off. I need to check to see if Bally Sports Midwest is covering the pregame. Heck, maybe they'll actually do a dual telecast. THAT would be awesome.

    Can you tell my life is pretty mundane? Oh, and I have a $2 bill tucked away, along with some silver dollars and some $1 coins. That guy is a little wacko. He must have had a whole stash of those bills because they aren't printed anymore, not that I'm aware of. Oh! And yay on the covers and proofs. Now, go fishing.

    Later, tater.

  3. I used to collect foreign coins, but I don't remember seeing any here in Texas, not even Mexican coins. In California I found a lot of Canadian coins, which seems odd in retrospect.

    Today is a gorgeous spring day. I wish this weather could last a month or two longer.

    I now have 6 squash sprouts! Yay! I love, Love, LOVE summer squash!