Wednesday, April 14, 2021


When I can't think of a long enough thing to make a whole post, you get this... randomosity.

Yesterday, I learned of something disconcerting.  A friend of mine had been throw in Facebook jail.  Her only recourse was to appeal the decision, which she did only to be told that they're awfully busy right now and might not have time to get to her.  So, she's off FB for the foreseeable future.  And she doesn't post anything controversial.  Guys without their shirts on.  Funny cat/dog pics.  Goofy memes about coffee.  They didn't even tell her why, other than to spout the standard 'violated community standards' crap.  Gah, I am so pissed I can't see straight.  Anyway, they didn't touch her author page (show your support and go like it if you're on FB), but she can't touch it either.  She can't even log onto FB to look at stuff.  Bastards.

I went out fishing yesterday and the first thing I did, before I even got a worm in the water, was to fall on my ass.  In their infinite wisdom, they put huge rocks all along the river/creek, so now, in order to bank fish in my favorite spots, I have to traverse some iffy terrain.  Loose rocks underfoot... fell on my ass.  Unfortunately, I fell with my left leg underneath me, so it got bent all the way to my ass - something it hasn't done in 27 years.  And something popped.  It hurt like hell and I think I screamed.  So, there I sat wondering if I'd well and truly screwed myself.  After a time, I figured I'd better get up and see if I could walk to the car.  It didn't hurt anymore, but sometimes that happens.  I got up.  And stood there, still not hurting. Then I wiggled my leg.  Still not hurting.  Then I bent my leg back and forth.  Lo and behold, my leg bent like it used to.  Something must've broken loose.  Old scar tissue?  Anyway, it still bends.  I ache all over this morning, but it still bends like it did before my accident.  Happy accidents do sometimes happen.

Oh, I caught three fish afterwards.  Then I went to a different place, walked all over there and caught one fish.  

Oh and I accidentally kicked up a flock of teals.  And their were osprey at the other place. I love it here.

In case you're not following my new blog about gardening, I now have zucchini seedlings coming up.

Yesterday, Lumpy's son - the yearling buck - was playing by himself,  Tilting his head like was going to fight another buck and jumpy all around.  So cute.

The trees here are filled with tweeting birdies.  Loads of them.  But I haven't laid eyes on any of them and their songs aren't such that I can say I've heard them before, so the birds remain unidentified.  Might be finches.  Did I mention I love it here?

Okay, off you go to your own regularly scheduled lives.  I'll be back again tomorrow with a similar post.  Although, now that I've written this, I have to come up with more random things to say.  I bet I can do it.  ;o)


  1. Thanks for commisseration. I hate FB. But...that's where the traffic is so...

    I found an app for my phone that identifies bird songs. It's pretty cool and I think it was free, or like $1.99 or something. Anyway, its called Song Sleuth nad has the picture of a meadowlark on it. It's right above my Seek app, which identifies flora and fauna and logs them after you take a picture. What did I do in nature before smart phones? 🤣

    Cold and rainy today. That's okay. Desperately need the rain!

    Got my second vaccine this morning. I'm all Covided-up now. I'll still wear a mask in public because...well...because.

    I found my peony that normally blooms. It's almost a foot tall now and has one bud. I need to sprinkle hummingbird nectar around it. C'mon ants! 🥳

    Loki has taken to sneaking onto the old piano bench/stool that is tucked in next to a filling cabinet. I use it to put my feet up on when I take breaks to watch the TV or just reverse the flow of blood. I'll look over and suddenly he'll be there curled in. He's been here two years. Gosh another two and he might actually maybe sit in my lap or something. 🙄

    Okay. It's noon. I need to set out something to thaw for dinner. I'm think because chilly and damp, spaghetti and hot rolls. Then I need to get focused and finish Chapter 23 so I can get to the scary parts in Chapter 24.

    Happy Hump Day! And thanks for being a totally awesome friend. Question is, are you Thelma or Louise? 🤣😂😂🥰

  2. Yay for your knee working better! The human body is an amazing thing.

    I refuse to use FB. Never signed up for an account, and never will!

    I'm hoping for rain, but despite the odds on the forecast chart, it's not looking good. Cross your fingers for us!

  3. I am so over Facebook. If it should go away, it's no loss to me. I've never seen a significant benefit using it.

    And "FB pages" are a joke. I feel sorry for authors or any business owner. Unless you pay for Facebook ads you are literally invisible.