Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 14

:blink blink:  It's Easter, isn't it?  Happy Easter to them that celebrate!  Or Hoppy Bunny Day for those of us not into the religious side.  Eat some chocolate or something.  Personally, I totally forgot it was this weekend and even after I remembered, I couldn't figure out what to fix for dinner, so we're having a Stouffer's frozen meal of some sort.  Nothing special going on here.

Anyway... let's get back to the regular Sunday stuff...

On the writing front, I didn't write anything or edit anything, but this week was filled with writerly duties.  I updated the back matter for all 16 books.  I created a paperback version of Duke, got the proof, and approved it for sale on Amazon. Then I fixed all the print listings for all my books.  I also redid all the print covers for OUAD - to reflect the series title on each cover now.  Then I formatted UatB and CU for print and sent a letter to my cover artist.  (She replied this morning that she's ready for me, so I'll get the page counts and cover copies to her today.)   Today, I'll format Blink of an I and Unequal for print and get those covers done.  Whew.  I got tired just typing that out.

I did a little marketing for RHI on Monday, because I belong to one FB group that only allows self-promo on Mondays.  

I had a pretty good reading week.  Plus, I finished reading another awesome book yesterday.  That one will be on next Saturday's update.

In the baking/cooking realm, I was a busy little monkey - I made pizza dough, coffee cake, and oatmeal apple raisin cookies to bake, and also pot roast, chili, and leftover pot roast soup.  

It was also a busy week for activity.  I spent three days doing yardwork and garden stuff, one day walking and cleaning.  I'm up to just under 15 miles walked for the year, which is off where I should be, but still pretty darn good considering.  Weight 184.8. Up three pounds since the beginning of the year, but I'm not kicking myself about it.

Speaking of garden stuff, my lettuce is sprouting!  Yay!  No signs from the carrots or the tomatoes yet.  I planted zucchini in pots this past week, too.  The cedar seedlings I transplanted are doing well.  Oh, and the new peony is already sprouting up through the ground.  Yay.  No signs from the hollyhocks yet.  Spring is awesome.  Oh, and I created a spreadsheet to track my gardening.  (Quit laughing.)  I'll now be able to track everything from the time I planted it through to harvest.  

The deer are starting to show that they're pregnant.  At least 6 does are looking bigger around the middle.  Yay.  Lumpy must be pregnant, too, because she finally kicked her twins loose to fend for themselves.  

Oh, and lastly, eight years ago today we arrived at this place.  Yay!  It's been every bit as awesome as we imagined it would be.

How was your week?  Do you celebrate Easter?  How are things in your world?


  1. Wow. EIGHT years? It doesn't seem like that long yet it also seems like y'all have been there forever. Huh. Time's weird that way.

    Happy Hoppy Day, Easter, Passover, and Birthday to Baseball Boy. We gave Stormy his Easter stuff (Hot Wheels and a little money in a card) at lunch yesterday. Was fixated on Easter, totally forgot today is BB's b-day. Oops. Will get out later to send him a card with money.

    Mexican lunch with the kids was awesome. That was followed by minimal work and a looooong nap.

    Weather was gorgeous yesterday and today but we need rain. Yeah, yeah. I'm never satisfied.

    I slept until 7:15 today. Well, I woke up at 4:45, 5:30, 6:14 but kept fallig back asleep. Needless to say, I'm way behind today.

    Last week was. Not much went on. I'm not complaining except I really need to get the damn book finished.

    On that note, time to get off the intrawebz and get to something worthwhile. Not that visiting with you here isn't worthwhile. LOL

    Here's to a great week for us all!

  2. Hoppy Bunny Day! It's Mom's birthday, too. We'll all head over to my sister's this afternoon for a party and Easter dinner. (Hmm. This hermit would rather stay at home.)

    You were busy this week! I didn't get much book work done, but I was swamped with pattern orders. That's a good thing. I think...

    My squash seed are sprouting, 3 out of the first 8. Yay! Except when they didn't come up in the first 15 days, I replanted. I may get a lot of squash this year. Double yay!