Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thursday This n That

The other day, the phone company guy gave me his direct number and told me to call him if the static problem returned.  I have tried the number on several occasions and always get a 'voice mail box has not been set up' kind of message.  Thanks for nothin', phone dude.

The other night, we heard a strange noise outside.  It sounded like an owl, but not like any owl we've heard before.  I thought maybe it was a barn owl, so I checked out that call.  Nope.  So I went through every owl that lives in MO/AR but that I didn't think I'd heard before.  Nope.  Then I checked out the great horned owl to see if it made any non-typical noises that it could've been.  Not that either.  My last hope was the barred owl, but I didn't think it could be that because we hear their standard call quite often here.  Yep.  It was a non-typical barred owl noise.  

The next night, we heard a different strange noise outside.  Kind of between a growl and a yowl.  Checked out foxes.  Nope.  Not a raccoony type noise either.  Tried bobcat.  Yep.  It was a sound they usually make in series when they're looking for another bobcat, but this was only once.  Silly kitty.

Ah, livin' in the woods.

Hubs just stopped by my desk to fill up my coffee and he was chuckling.  I asked him why and he chuckled some more before he finally said "No, I don't want to get that stuck in your head."  I then said "Well, if it's giving you a chuckle, maybe it'll give me one, too."  He chuckled some more and replied, "No.  I don't want to risk it."  He's so funny.

Tuesday, I was at the bank chatting with my BFF when she suddenly whips out her phone and tells me she's got to show me something, saying it always made her smile.  It was an old video of Allan Sherman singing 'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.'  Too fun and it definitely made me smile.  I'm not sure when or where I first heard the song, but it's been my head for decades. Hubs and I are both fond of it and often quote the line I'm sure we'll have some fun if it stops rainin'.

That line is kind of apropos for this week.  Holy sploosh.  It's rained every day this week.  Wet wet wet.  Good thing Hubs and I worked on repairing the drainage before all this started.  All the rain is nicely flowing around the house instead of straight at it and puddling up in front.

And on that wet note, I'll let you go.  Have a great day, everyone.  :hugs:

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  1. Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show. I snuck out of bed to watch with my dad. We both laughed hysterically. Mom didn't get it. 🙄

    Around here, it's the crows who get up to all sorts of weird calls.

    I have enough honeysuckle blooming that my office smells sweet when the breeze blows in through the window. And I have two big puffballs of peonies. I should take a picture.

    Our rain has been more random than yours but we got some and as always, it's needed. One day, the storm dragons were out playing. It was nice because no severe weather.

    Edits are moving right along. I start Chp. 23 today. 39 is the last chapter followed by a very short epilogue/teaser for the next book. Not a cliffhanger, just a road sign.

    Softball regionals start today and tomorrow. Yay.

    Wallyworld today. Jake's ready to "go to work."

    Okay. More coffee and deciding if I'm going to do a chapter then got to WW or go to WW and get it over with so I can work steady. Decisions, decisions.

    Enjoy your day and the weekend is coming! Which is just two more days of the week for us. 🤣