Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 5/8/21

 Hello and welcome to the Saturday Reading Wrap-up with your host, B.E. Sanderson!  :cue applause:

Heh.  Anyway, here's my week in readerly things... few though they may be.

No new books acquired.  I still have 2 unread ebooks and loads of hardcopies left to read.

Books Read:

31) Cracked: An Anthology of Eggsellent Chicken Stories by Various (5/3/21) - SF/F Shorts* - Most of the authors in this were new to me but while it probably could be more appreciated, it doesn't fit the criteria.  Picked this up when it was free back in February after hearing about it from a friend who's included in the anthology.  (Although when I wrote the review, I could've sworn I paid full price for this.  It's worth the full price.  Honest.)
Review: "
What a fun bunch of stories! And not a dud in the bunch - which is unusual for me with anthologies. Definitely a fun way to pass the time and worth every penny."

No DNFs.

Currently reading... The Virginian.  So far, it's pretty good, but it's slow reading.

What were you reading last week?

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  1. I, too, had a slow week but that's due to lots of words getting transferred from my head to my keyboard. Also, I'm still in a bit of a reading fugue. Ah well. I got through 3 books--mostly, so I'm at 66 but still behind 3 books on my 200-book GR challenge.

    64. Lair of the Lion - Christine Feehan historical paranormal romance - 3 stars. Not unknown, not underappreciated. I read this ages ago, and got the audio version from the library. It's better than many of her Carpathian novels but still stretched too long and I got bored.

    65. Crow (Boston Underworld, #1), A. Zavarelli, Contemporary romance, not new, not underappreciated, 4 stars. Another reread. Before, the first person present POV didn't bother me all that much. This time, it did so I rushed through it. It's a good story, dark and dirty, but just not quite right for me at the moment.

    66. The Marriage Contract (O'Malleys #1)- Katee Robert, contemporary romance, also Boston mob, also reread. 4 stars. I like this one and I've rolled over to the next book in the series. It's been several years since I listened to these so...

    Currently listening to The Wedding Pact (O'Malley's #2).

    Happy reading/listening all!