Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Some Simple Truths

Some simple truths...

If you say someone is something because of their skin color, whatever their color is and whatever your color is, you're a racist.

No one is inherently anything.

No one is responsible for anything their ancestors did.  Or that their relatives have done.  They are only responsible for their own actions.

Certain cultures are better than others.  The ones that increase man's freedom are better.  The ones that decrease man's freedom are not.  The ones that celebrate man's achievements are good, the ones that deny and degrade man's achievements are bad.

The word 'man' includes both genders.

There are only two genders - XX (female) and XY (male).  (And yes, I realize there are anomalies like XXY and XYY.  Let's not quibble over a minuscule fraction of the populous.)  People are free to call themselves whatever they want and act accordingly, but saying there are more than two is denying reality.  

Denying reality is bad.  

Reality is reality and truth is truth.  Perceptions of each may differ, but there aren't separate ones for separate people.  

Freedom of speech is IMPORTANT.  You should fight for it, even if the person you're fighting for is a shithead.  Because once someone starts denying that freedom for those they deem shitheads, it breaks for us all.  And you never know when you're the one they'll deem a shithead.

Individual lives matter.  

So many people are trying to avoid death that they aren't really living anymore.

Take everything you're told by teachers, experts and 'authority figures' with a grain of salt.  Do your own research.  Dig deep for the truth.  

If it sounds hinky, it probably is.

What someone else earns or owns does not belong to you in any way, shape, or form.  

You aren't entitled to anything except life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue your own happiness.  Happiness itself is not a right.  You have to work for it.

Work is not a bad thing.  Stop trying to escape it.

Different is not a bad thing.  By trying to normalize 'different', they're essentially trying to wipe it out.  This is not a good thing.  Celebrate your differences.  And recognize that normal is okay, too.  Because normal is not a bad thing either.

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  1. Dude....I almost feel like I'm having a Lebowski moment.....

    Wow. Deep thoughts. Glad I was on my second cuppa joe. But you know what? You're right. All the way down the line. Each point deserves thumbs up, hearts, checkmarks, exclamation points, on-targets...whatever symbol that shows agreement.

    The stuff happening around us? At least I live in a state that can be self-sufficient. We have resources and production. And the tribes can govern like 90% of the land. You know, in case it comes down to that.

    The "dudes" shall abide, because we're all strong like that. Right? Right!