Monday, May 10, 2021

BIrdy Day

We've been having all sorts of birds stop by the feeders lately, so yesterday, I grabbed the camera, sat in my chair by the window, and snapped a bunch of shots.  Here are a few...

That's a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks.

Those are a female and a male, respectively.
An immature male summer tanager.  Isn't he pretty?
And a female summer tanager.  Here she is again... this is my favorite pic of the day:

Finally, because we love her so, here's Mama Boom.  She's a fox squirrel who's been hanging around a lot lately.  Something happened to her tail and she's only got half of it now.  She's so big, so looks like a groundhog when she's running across the lawn.  And with her short tail, she looks like a prairie dog when she sits up.

Most likely, Mama Boom has babies around here somewhere.  I hope so.  We need more fox squirrels to run off the gray squirrels.  (Fox squirrels are awesome.  Gray squirrels are furry-tailed rats.)

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Have a great day!


  1. All the things!!! You have such a crazy-cool variety of birds and critters. I hear the birds more than I see them despite the feeder being outside my office window. Lots of sparrows, the occasional cardinal. I get doves, crows, and starlings out in the driveway when I toss leftover dog food out there, though now I'm scattering bird seed for the doves since they are basically ground feeders. They'll use the flat feeder in the back but I suspect they like the driveway better.

    Thanks for the big smile this morning. I'll just have to "bird" vicariously through you. 😉

    Have a great week!

  2. I love your birds! And I'm fond of Mama Boom, too.

    I need to figure out what kind of squirrels live around here. They're gray with orange bellies. And the sweetest eyes!