Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday Update - Week 21

 Last week was annibirthary week.  Basically, I ate a lot and not much else got accomplished.

I didn't write anything or edit anything or market anything.  I did set up sales and freebies for the coming week, though.  I'll talk more about those when the time comes.  First up, though, UNEQUAL will be free Monday - Friday this week.  I think, pre-Memorial Day is the perfect time to read about a possible future scenario, don't you?   Then, for Memorial Day, BLINK OF AN I, my other glimpse of the future, will be free from the 29th through the 2nd.  After those, sales will begin.

I read some good stuff last week.

I didn't bake anything last week.  Hubs baked!  He made me a birthday cake.  Yay.  It was boxed with pre-made frosting, but I appreciated the effort nonetheless.

I finally went fishing on Thursday.  Then Hubs and I went together on Friday.  Thursday, I caught a spotted bass.  Caught the exact same bass on Friday in the exact same spot.  I knew it was him because I had to cut the line off on Thursday and he was still sporting it.  (For the record, it is my understanding this is the best thing to do for an undersized fish that has swallowed the hook.  Eventually, the hook will corrode and disintegrate.  Better for them then trying to yank a hook out and cause extensive damage to their innards.)  Anyway, I named him Rupert before I let him go and told Hubs if I caught him a third time I was keeping him because he obviously wanted to go home with me.  I did not catch him again, so I didn't have to be a liar.

Other than fishing, my activity level this week sucked.  I only did one other thing and that was sweeping the deck so I could rearrange the container garden.  Here's how that looks, btw:

If you want to see more of that, go over to my gardening blog.  I didn't bother weighing myself, what with all the eating and lazing about.

Looking ahead, I really need to kick myself in the ass and get back on track with both my writing and my non-writing.  Putting words down, getting exercise, being more careful with my eating, doing some real marketing so I sell books... those kinds of things.  We'll see if this morning's gung-ho attitude carries forward when we come to next week's Sunday Update.

How are things in your world?  Did you have a good Week 21?


  1. Sounds like you had a good week, even if nothing of consequence got done. We all need those times occasionally.

    I edited. And edited. And edited. I still have a bit to go but I'm giving my brain a little space before I start. Scrivenings (the files from Scriverner--my preferred writing program) have been copied and pasted into Word for more "technical" edits like extra spaces and weird formating. Word's find/replace all works great for that. Once that stuff is done, I'll send it out to the folks who need to see the draft. Like this afternoon. Then I'll either go back today, or maybe wait until tomorrow, to start on the formatting of headers, indents, scene break graphics, etc. I can do that while waiting for edits to come back.

    My brain is mush. I am enjoying the listen to a series that I haven't actually read in several years so yay. Didn't do much of that last week either. I also have teaser graphics to make. I found a handful of lines that I thought would work, provided I can find the right images. One went up on MeWe yesterday. I'll probably post it on FB today.

    Also, college softball. So far, both OSU and OU are in it to win it. Finals in the regionals is today. They win, they host super regionals next weekend and if they survive those, its College World Series the week after that.

    How is it almost June? How is tomorrow Memorial Day? Jiminy!

    Boring week. Just work. And softball. Gonna take some time this week away from the computer.

    Go fishing if it isn't raining. 😉 Later, tater.

  2. Yay for Hubs and your birthday cake! I think I'd have trouble with even a cake mix. Soooo not a cook!

    I think I have porch envy. Mine is a dinky thing with way too many mosquitoes.

    I got more work done than usual this week. Yay!