Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 5/15/21

 Hey there!  It's the Saturday Reading Wrap-up with your host, B.E. Sanderson.  :cue cheesy theme music:

I finally picked up some new ebooks this week.  Which was good because I didn't have any left to read.  I got a romantic suspense (which I'm reading now), a mystery, a paranormal mystery, and a paranormal romance.  No new hardcopies.

Books Read:

33) That Night by CJ Grayson (5/12/21) - Suspense*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  I picked this one up for free after hearing about it in a FB group I belong to.  
Review: "
A twisty, turny suspense that kept me hooked. I wasn't sure the author would be able to pull all the threads together, but everything was wrapped up by the end. And I totally didn't see it all coming down the way it did. "

32) The Virginian by Owen Wister (5/9/21) - Western/Literature - 5 stars.  New to me, but old enough that it's got plenty of reviews.  Still underappreciated, in my opinion, though.  Picked this up at a thrift store for 50c.
Review: "
This book is too awesome for words. If you haven't read it, you should."


5//10/21 - free - This billed itself as paranormal women's fiction but read like cozy paranormal mystery.  It was written by a 'known, trad-pub name' in UF, but it had issues in it my own editor and proofreaders would've kicked my ass for.  I probably would've weathered on for an indie, but I expected better and disappointment made me stop reading.

Currently reading... like I said above, I'm reading a romantic suspense.  I had it listed as a cozy mystery.  Boy, was that wrong.  I mean it started out kind of like a cute cozy, but it became pretty suspenseful.  I think it was the title that turned me in the wrong direction - Honeymoon Cottage.  :shrug:  I'm really enjoying it, so it's no biggie for me.

What were you reading this week?  

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  1. VERY slow week for me and unless I get out of my reading/listening slump, I may have to downsize my expectations on my GR challenge. Since I usually hae to bump it, I can be an underachiever once in awhile. So...I'm at 67 books, now 6 behind schedule. Whatever. I finished 1 book, and just over half-way of a second.

    67 - The Marriage Pact (O'Malley's #2), Katee Robert, contemporary "mob" romance, 4 stars. Not unknown, not underappreciated. Romeo and Juliet with Irish mob families in Boston. Lots of angst, some action, and dysfunctional families. Still, love wins out, with a cost. I do like the H/h in this one.

    Which leads me to my current listen, book 3 of this series, AN INDECENT PROPOSAL. I'm to the point that a secondary character (who is the heroine in the next book) has totally turned me off and I don't really care all that much for the current H/h. They aren't awful characters but I's totally a case of "It's me, not them." That said, this drought has caused lots of me writing new words on the WIP so there is that. Anyway. If I give up on this book/series, not sure where I'll head next. Maybe I'll try something completely different. Or not. When the chicken soup books don't sound appealing, I'm in reading trouble. LOLOL

    Happy reading this week! Sounds like you maybe found some good ones. (And I totally want to know which one you DNF'd! Just sayin'...)