Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday This n That

Yes, I went out and filled the car and the gas can this week.  Yeah, it was partially because of the pipeline thing.  But the car was down to a quarter of a tank and the gas can was empty anyway.  As little as I drive, this should last me through into June.  I scored, by the way.  A gal at the bank told me that the gas station I usually use had just that morning jumped their prices ten cents to $2.69 a gallon, but the gas station I don't use often was still at $2.59.  Saved myself like $1.50.  Every penny helps.

I hit Wallyworld yesterday. The number of maskless people is climbing.  It was about 30% mask-free and yesterday it was about 40%.  I had fun joking with a couple of old biker-looking dudes that I kept crossing paths with.  We commiserated over the price of beef.  One steak... ONE... cost me $15.  It was something they were calling a 'cowboy' rib eye.  It still has the rib, so it was a smidgen cheaper per pound.  I also picked up a beef roast, discounted to just under $10.  And a pack of burger - 90% lean - for like $10-something.  2.25 pounds of burger... $4.50+ a pound.  umm, yah

I buy the 90% lean because less of a percentage and you're paying for fat that will drain away.  More of a percentage and you lose flavor.  

Because of the prices, I haven't been buying much steak in the past year or so.  (That and a lot of the supposedly good steaks are grisly.)  I got one this time because the annibirthary is upon us.  The steak is for our anniversary.  I'm not sure what I'll do for my birthday.  Except cheesecake.  I bought the ingredients for cheesecake.  I haven't made cheesecake in years.  Yummers.

Which reminds me.  I like to put brandy in my cheesecakes.  So I stopped at the quickie-mart to see if I could get one of those little airplane bottles of brandy.  Nope.  No big bottles of it either.  Damn.  So I asked for Amaretto.  Nope to that, too.  If I really want brandy, I guess I'll have to hit the liquor store/cigarette/bait shop.  I hadn't planned on going anywhere again this week, so... :shrug:

Which reminds me... I got the stuff to make tacos.  Except I forgot salsa.  AND I forget shredded cheese of a variety conducive to tacos.  (Okay... so I got TORTILLAS... it was only the tortillas.)  Perhaps I do need to go back out again.  Heh.

Oh, well.  I guess I should be getting my buns into some kind of gear this morning.  Anything going on in your world?

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  1. I've had grocery trips like that, even with a list. And according to the WH's mouthpiece, inflation is under control except for food, gas, and housing. 🙄 I got E10 gas for $2.85 a gallon today. I was at half a tank and more driving to do today.

    That takes care of that. As for this, I have small clumps of honeysuckle blooming. I didn't notice until I went out to refill the hummingbird feeder. I have no idea if I've had hummers or not. I can't currently see the feeder due to circumstances and on account of because.

    Playing chauffeur today. Had to be up northeast to pick up Only and Stormy at her mechanic's. Then back southwest to take Stormy to school, southeast/south to get Only to work, and then back west to my part of the metroplex for a stop at Wallyworld. Jake got to go. I left the house before 7. Got back around 9:30. I'm ready for a nap but have to pick up Stormy after school for his Snapology class and then LG and I will pick him up and head north again to meet Only and BB for dinner and to hand off the "hostage." BB is finishing up school stuff before and after classtimes so he couldn't be a good husband/dad today. Ah well.

    Other than marathon writing and baseball, not much else going on. I still might get finished by the weekend, then edits, then next week for editor and betas. Yay.

    On that note, since I'm just now getting the stuff done that I normally do before 9 so I'm hours late on the productive part of my day. Later, tater!