Tuesday, May 25, 2021

It's Raining Again.

It's raining again.  It has rained every day since the 16th.  Not all day every day, mind you, but enough each day that I'm pretty much over it.  It wasn't supposed to rain yesterday, but I was sitting here when I heard the sky open up and I had to run outside to shift my garden so the still-small plants wouldn't get flatten by the drops.  We fished in the rain on Friday.  Soaking wet, drops falling from the brims of our baseball caps, standing in mud fishing.  Which was fun... but enough already.  Geez.

It reminds me of that part of Men in Black 2 where the gal is all like 'Lots of people get sad when it rains' and K says 'it rains because you're sad'.  I wish that chick would go elsewhere for a while or cheer the hell up.

These days, though, cheering up ain't so easy.  I mean, have you looked at the world lately?  It should be laughable, but it's hard to muster a chuckle when the things you know to be wrong as the same things other people are embracing as right.   And you're watching the country you love swirl the drain while being told there was nothing to love about the country anyway.  :shakes like a dog:

Up is down and right is left and the sun rises in the west.  And we're living an Orwellian nightmare.  Umm... no.  

On Facebook, you get to select the emotion you're feeling for each post - like, love, care, haha, wow, sad, and angry.  I'm often torn between haha and angry.  I like MeWe, where you get to choose like 4 out of a ton for each post.  (Although when the four have already been chosen, you have only those to pick from.)  So, you can laugh and cry and be angry at the same post.  Because that's the world we're living in currently.  Sort of a "Wow, that makes me so angry I have to laugh at it because it's absurd."

We should laugh at the absurd.  And it should also make us angry.  So, yeah, I'm torn.  If, ten years ago, someone told me this is where America would be now, I would've laughed at them.  Yah, sure, ri-ight.  But here we are.  Senile pedophile in the White House with a Ho next in line for the leadership of the free world and a hag in charge of the House.  Openly racist mayor of Chicago.  Pogroms being conducted against Jews in NY and LA.  Millions giving away their freedoms so that maybe, if they're good boys and girls, they'll be allowed to be free again someday down the road.  Umm... no.

Like I said, it should be laughable.  If it wasn't so sad and super scary.

And you wonder why I occasionally write dystopian.  I guess it's my way of saying 'Look, folks, this is where you're headed if you don't stop what you're doing now'.  Railing against the worst.  In a totally Quixotic way, doncha know.  Maybe that's what all writers of dystopian books are/were doing.  We see a future we DO NOT WANT and try, in our own ways, to stop it through fiction.  Orwell is spinning in his grave.  So's Rand.  And Bradbury.  And Huxley.  

UNEQUAL is near future.  This could happen soon.  BLINK OF AN I is distant future.  That could happen down the road a ways.  They don't have to happen.  We have the ability to shift the course.  

So, yeah, it's raining.  Again.  In more ways than one.  

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  1. This. Everything you said. Get outta my head! Or not. Good thing we're comfortable inhabiting each other's brainspace. I can't watch the news anymore. Even a quick peek sends my blood pressure to stroke level. And I think back to the predictions I made over the election and my conclusions remain the same: Be careful what you wish for--and be very, VERY careful what you vote for.

    Hang in there. The sun's gotta come out eventually. Maybe not in my lifetime at this point, but eventually... 🤗