Friday, June 19, 2020

Watching Where You Step

Yesterday, as I was moving the three landscape blocks I already had to the project location, I happened to set one down to get a better grip on it.  (Those things aren't light.)  And as I bent down to pick it back up again, I noticed a small, gray, ropey looking thing in the grass.

Snake, of course.  Probably about as big around as a pencil.

I knew from the lack of pattern on it that it wasn't anything venomous, but I still searched for the head.  And there it was a few inches from the spot I first noticed.  A pretty little ring-necked snake with a bright, red-orange ring.

Okay, so maybe the ring-necked snakes are slightly venomous, but not harmful to humans and totally non-agressive.  Anyway, I picked it up - knowing this because I'd already encountered and researched the species.  It just looked at me like 'oh, hello' and then did the whole 'see my belly?' thing in my hand to try and dissuade me from eating it.

And here was me:  "Oh, you so kewt.  Wook at your scary belly.  Eek."

I almost brought him up to the front door to show Hubs, but I didn't want to stress the little bugger out.  I mean, he was pretty chill in my hand, but no clue what traveling with him would've done to his overall outlook.  Instead, I put him in the iris bed so I wouldn't risk trodding upon him as I trudged up and down the hill.   Have a nice life, little dude.

Then I went back to work under the deck.  A short while later, I was moving some crappy broken cement block pieces when something jumped at me.  And I jumped with a little actual eek.  It was a toad.  Just your standard American Toad who was trying to get away from my big, lumbering feet.  They blend in so well, I didn't even see him before he moved, and I am so careful about watching because it would wreck me to step on something cute and kill it.  I tried to catch him and move him, but since he was actually hopping away from where I was working, I gave up the chase and let him be.  Hop and be free, my friend.

So, yeah, around here, it pays to watch where you step.  Aside from not wanting to hurt the small critters we share our yard with, we have plenty of venous snakes around here.  Not sure if those can bite through a tennis shoe, but I'm not interested in testing that out either. 

Interesting and wondrous things abound all around us, if only we watch where we step.  ;o)


  1. Did I ever tell you the story of LG at summer boot camp and his 1st Sgt. shooting a copperhead off the heel of LG's combat boot? Where it had imbedded its fangs in the rubber? shoes not a barrier, unless they're thick leather and even then I'd be wary.

    I'm all about saving the critters too. Except the wharf rats who used to inhabit the concrete block wall in the backyard. Those suckers were HUGE! And totally NOT kewt! *shudder*

    There's a rumor going around that A&E might bring back Live PD. I'm not holding my breath but evidently the network is in talks with the producers. 🤞

    We might get rain today. 🥳

    We've had a big spike in cases too--all in the under-45 age group. Gee, those were the ones all getting out and about, hitting the bars, and marching up and down the streets with no social distancing or masks. Hmmmm. 🤔

    One last thought, I so totally want to start giving history lectures on social media but so far have refrained from pointing out how stupid and ignorant a lot of people are. Nope. Not gonna go there. Keeping my head down. Have a great weekend!

  2. How cool you rescued that little snake! He'll keep the big bugs out of your iris bed for however long he hangs out there. Toads are good for that, too, but they're not so cute. ;-)

    I've been *much* more careful about where I step since last summer, when I turned around and saw the east end of a westbound tail -- with three rattles on it -- not a foot away! Sooo grateful that rattler was in a chill mood!