Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday This n That

We now have three fawns.  The single I took a picture of and a set of twins.  Yay.

Yesterday, I made a pineapple upside-down cake.  We're out of ice cream again and that's one cake you can eat without it. 

Speaking of ice cream, what the heck?  Owl and I are blowing through that stuff like it was nothing.  Unfortunately, unless I want to expose myself... hush, not like that... I'm pretty much home bound.  So I'm wrapping trips together for maximum efficiency.  Since we don't need anything else right now, the ice cream will have to wait.

On a happier note, the other day I went fishing and caught 5 fat bluegills.  We had them for dinner on Tuesday and I'm planning on using the leftovers to have a fish sandwich for lunch today.  Yum.

There was a rabbit in the yard last night.  Yay.  And there's been a raccoon regularly visiting the deer corn at dusk or dawn.  It's not a fat one, but it's not thin either.  Just a nice sized, healthy looking coon.

Well, folks, it's bedtime here and I've run out of things to say, but I want to get this scheduled so early risers can read it with their morning coffee.  Have a great day and if you feel like it, leave some of your this and that stuffs.

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  1. Ah, morning coffee, alone, with no one talking. *sigh*

    Stormy spent Tuesday night after his late T-ball game. His dad came to pick him up after lunch on Wednesday. He's coming again this morning until about noon. Only needed to be in her office because she's taking off tomorrow for a family funeral (Baseball Boy's maternal step-grandfrather). BB has baseball practice on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, hence Stormy time!

    Not much else going on. Three of my feral cats have not reappeared and that makes me sad. I'm pretending someone managed to domesticate them and they are living happily, though that's like wishful thinking.

    Your coon sighting coincides with a meme I saved. I'll use it for today's #ThisMadeMeLaugh on FB. You'll get the reference when you see it.

    No new words but the story is finallly sort of lining out and making sense from the disjointed snippets. With luck and an end of outside familial distractions, I can start writing this weekend. We'll see what happens. At least I'm "working."

    Weather is heating back up. We're supposed to get that Sahara Desert Dust(tm) this weekend which should make for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets, provided we have clouds. I wish our house was better situated for grabbing photos of such. Ah well.

    On that note, Stormy has arrived and since LG has an out-of-town court appearance this afternoon and he hasn't fully prepped for his testimony (long story!), I'll need to kid wrangle.

    🥰 Later, tater!