Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 25

Creeping up on halfway through the year.  And what a year it's been.  Ugh.

I did manage to get some writing done this past week.  Not a lot, but better than nothing. I also did a little editing when I opened Cinder Ugly and this new thing - tentatively called Suicide by Murder (lame, I know) - to see if I could write new words.  No marketing.  I still can't seem to muster the will.

I read a couple good things last week and only had one DNF.

In baking news, I made a pineapple upside-down cake.  So yummy.  And nothing else because it's too damn hot to bake unless I get right at it first thing in the morning.  And I don't know about you, but baking isn't high on my list of stuff to do first thing.

Last week was not an active week.  It was hot and I was lazy.  There were several mornings that would've been nice for a walk, but meh.  

Monday, I went fishing.  The lake level is still pretty high and I was fishing the parking lot of my favorite spot while standing in what is usually the east driveway.  I caught 5 nice bluegills by casting to where I would usually walk back to stand on ledges overlooking the river.  The ledges are underwater now, like everything else.

We've now seen three definitely individual fawns now.  A single and a set of twins. 

In 'I hate to have to do this' news, I ordered a new computer.  Well, a new refurbished computer.  It's exactly like the one I'm currently using (Windows 7, yay) except it has more RAM.  Which is not the reason I ordered a new computer, but I chose to pay about $20 more to get more RAM this time.  The reason I need a new computer - and it's a need - is because this one is starting to make noise when it starts up and when it gets overloaded, it whines.  I just have to limp this one along until the new one arrives sometime between 7/9 and 7/13.  Please don't let it be delayed.  By the way, a refurbished computer costs less than $200 at Newegg and they work just as well as a new computer.  So far.  :finger crossed:  I bought this refurb in April of 2016, so four years ain't bad considering I smoke next to the damn thing.  Lest you think I am nuts for going with Windows 7 still, I have my reasons.

There was the well problem this week.  That's taken care of.  The construction company was supposed to come out the next day and fix the line to the new house.  Or so we were told.  They never showed.  Big surprise.  Oh well, it's fixed on our end.  Not our freakshow, not our dog-faced boys.

Last night set a new benchmark in the 'I didn't sleep well' category.  Thus, I am draggin' ass today. 

I'm sure other stuff happened last week, but like I said, I'm draggin'.  Tell me about your week.


  1. There was a week. You already know most of what went on. I'll post my usual update tomorrow. Mainly, it's the air quality--or lack thereof. Stupid Sahara. Air is thick with it and humidity. Ugh. 😓

    I'm getting more naps in than usual. Weird. The good thing is, I'm still managing to mostly sleep at night. Still waking up super early. Also ugh. 😒

    Writing was mostly a bust. Gonna do better this week. Maybe. I've stopped making promises to myself. *sigh* 🖥

    I'm thinking today might be good for another nap. I should try to work on the WIP. I also need to set up my blog. First, more coffee. Cheers! ☕

  2. Yay for new words!

    Congrats on getting a 'new' computer before the old one dies. I ordered this one with W7, but now that's gone. I'm holding out to "upgrade" (NOT) as long as I can, but Turbo Tax won't talk to it next year. Sigh.

    Still poking along at illustrations, but I did get a few words one this week. I got bored with cleanup duty. ;-)