Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Peaceful Setting

With all the stuff that's going on, we could all use a peaceful setting.
If you look really close, you might see a bobber or two hanging from the tree.  They aren't mine, btw.

In other news, today would've been my dad's 84th birthday.  I think he'd like that picture.  He probably would've liked fishing there even better.


  1. My dad would be 101 (102 come September). He'd like this spot, and he laugh about the bobbers and say, "I'll see your two bobbers and raise you six of my flies." He loved to fly fish. Me? I had a cane pole and a red and white bobber and didn't care a flip if I ever caught a fish. I was there to spend time with my dad.

    There are times I wish we lived out "wild" like that--with water to look over, no traffic speeding down the street, no sirens. This is one of them.

    Thanks for the peaceful moment. 🥰

  2. Lovely photo! We all need a few moments of peace these days.