Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday This n That

I totally brainfarted out on the whole 'today is Thursday' thing until a few minutes ago.  Good thing, because my timesheet is due on Thursday morning and the office just opened.

And then I got distracted for an hour, so this is even later.  Derp.

There are so many rant worthy things going on right now, I could rant all day and not touch them all.  To the people jumping on the 'get rid of the police' bandwagon, be careful what you wish for.  Criminals don't ask what your opinions are before they commit crimes against you and they aren't going to thank you for making their criminality easier.  In fact, I suspect they're laughing at you right now.  Suckers.


The next part of the 'under the deck' project requires blocks of some kind.  The kind Hubs wants weigh 70 lbs each but would only require 10 of them.  The kind I'm leaning toward is lighter and would require like 30.  His blocks would match the ones we already have in place and would do the job better.  My blocks wouldn't throw either of our backs out and since it's under the deck, they don't have to match the ones in the front.  His would cost a total of like $50.  Mine would cost a total of like $100.  Until we settle which block wins, the project is on hold.*

Please be careful driving right now.  Many animals are having babies or have babies dependent on them, so if you hit one and it's a mom, you've sentenced her babies to a horrible death by starvation.  Slow down.  Pay attention.  Keeping that in mind, though, don't do anything stupid like swerving to miss a critter and getting yourself killed.

I really need to go fishing.  Unfortunately, it's too hot and all the fishies will be too deep for me to reach.  =o\

Maybe I'll just go for a walk.  Right now, I'm waiting for the butter to soften so I can make oatmeal cookies, and it's kind of cool, so it would be a good time to get outside.

You, too.  Go outside or something when you can.  K?

What's on your this n that list today?

* 10:10am.  I was mistaken when I wrote this earlier.  I got to thinking about it and about three smaller blocks I was using for something else and then I went out and started messing with it.  I need about a dozen more smaller blocks to achieve the look and utility I was going for.  Not today, but soon.


  1. Yay for finding some of the blocks you need! I'm all for saving money.

    I couldn't get her to walk far today, but yesterday I bribed Mom into walking almost as far as we do in the winter. There was a lovely breeze, it wasn't too hot, and best of all: there were people digging in the field near our old turn-around spot. Mom is the nosiest person I know, and she wanted to see what was going on. LOL!

    Mom is back to bowling (her excuse for the short walk today) so I'll be Dad-sitting. I hope there are better cartoons than last week. ;-)

  2. LG and I have had those kind of "block" discussions. The projects STILL aren't done and we've been in this house over 20 years. 🤣

    Ranting with you: 🤬 Moving on.

    Sorry about the fishing. You really DO need to put a hook in the water. 🐟

    We finished movingt a Viet Nam vet's widow this week. After the final load, we slept for like 30 hours off and on for two days. Hot, tired, and exhausted. 😴

    I gave blood. Awesome vampire. No bruising, got the vein with the first stick. This is an amazing accomplishment for...reasons. 🧛‍♀️ I'll get results of the antibodies test back in about 3 weeks.

    Woke up at 5 a.m. Went to Wallyworld early. Came home to discover old friends in town on their way from home in Arizona to summer place in Maine. We went over to their campground and sat around their fancy motorhome drinking coffee and visiting. It was fun.

    Now I need a nap. Later, tater!