Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 6/13/20

Hi there.  Not a bad week, per se.  I started with a good book and I finished with a good book, though, so yay.

I picked up 7 new ebooks this week - 2 UF, 2 mysteries, a suspense, a fantasy, and a paranormal suspense.  Still no new hardcopies. 

Books Read:

48) The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper by John D. MacDonald (6/12/20) - Hard-boiled Crime - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  I've had this old paperback for years but never read it until now.
Review: "The beginning was a little wandering and the very end made me feel like I missed something (which I probably did), but all in all an enjoyable read."

47) Pricked by Scott Mooney (6/6/20) - Paranormal Mystery*# - 5 stars.  New to me and while it does have loads of ratings at Goodreads, it lacks more than 50 reviews there or at Amazon.
Review:  "What a fun story! Great premise. Awesome characters. Thrilling mystery. Superb world-building. I loved the whole thing, including Briar and the whole gang. It'll be interesting to see where Mr. Mooney goes next with this."


6/10/20 - SF/F... literally.  It started out with a pretty good, albeit weirdly laid out, SF story, which then began to morph into a fantasy.  The characters were having a tough time wrapping their heads around it and so was I.  

6/9/20 - YA Paranormal - It seemed interesting, but the asides were killing it, and then it got all whiny and preachy.  Just tell the damn story without trying to foist your opinions on our unsuspecting youth.  K?

Currently reading...  Since I finished that crime novel at about 8 last night, I didn't want to start up something new.   I'll probably read the paranormal suspense next because it's by someone I know and love.

What's on your reading list for last week? 

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  1. This wasn't a bad listening week for me, considering everything I had going on the publishing front. I'm still 9 books ahead of schedule on my GR challenge. This week was all about re-listening to a fave series in prep for the new release, ALPHA NIGHT, which I'll probably finish tonight. So, I'll make the descriptions easy--all books are part of Nalini Singhs Psy-Changeling/Trinity series. They are paranormal romance/SciFi romance/alternative world.

    95) Silver Silence - 5 stars - my favorite in the series for two reasons. BEARS! Okay, bear shifters, but they are big, strong Russian bear shifters and they crack me up, and the heroine's name is Silver. So...d'uh.

    96) Ocean Light - 4 stars, a good read but it wasn't quite up there for 5 stars.

    97) Wolf Rain - 5 stars, loved the heroine in this one and both she and the hero had major emotional stuff to overcome.

    98) Wild Invitation - 5 stars, anthology with 4 stories scattered through the series's timeline. All were good and I loved the peek into secondary couples and/or every-day life of main couples.

    After I finish ALPHA NIGHT, not sure where I'll go. Maybe back to the In Death series. Not sure where my head will be. Happy reading!