Friday, June 26, 2020

A Whole Afternoon of Fun

So, yesterday, I was in the bathroom, doing my thing, when I heard Hubs in the kitchen issuing expletives.  I called out 'what's wrong?' but he either didn't hear me or was focused on the problem to the point where he didn't answer me.  I stepped out of the bathroom into a pile of fun.

Note sarcasm.

Hubs had turned on the water in the kitchen sink and it only came out of the tap at about 1/3 pressure.  Shortly, we discovered it was the same all over the house.  Crap. 

He goes under the house to make sure we don't have a blow out somewhere.  Nope.  He checks the pit with our water tap.  Nope.  He checks with the guys building the house next door to see if they're running an obscene amount of water.  Nope.

He goes down to the well house to see what he can see, which is not much, other than the turning it off and on again doesn't help.  Visually, everything appears to be fine.

Time to call the well guys.  He is informed they are booked solid and they can't give him a timeframe as to when they'll be out but we're 'on the list'.  Peachy.

Since Hubs is in charge of the well now, we start getting calls from the other people on the well.  One gal stops by.  We're getting flashbacks of the time he was a city manager.  Nothing we can do until we hear back from the well people. 

About 90 minutes later, the phone rings and the caller ID shows a name I don't recognize, but hell, I need to answer it in case it's someone about the well.  Sure enough, it's the well dude and he's sitting across the street at the well house that isn't ours.  Hubs directs him to our well house and then off Hubs goes.

Twenty minutes later, Hubs comes back.  It's not the well.  Somehow, somewhere along the line, there's a leak.  Well Dude has narrowed it down to the line going out to the west of the well house (our side), but that's as much help as he can provide.  He's a well dude, not a line dude.  It's up to us to find the leak.  Yummy.

With a glance at the stove clock - 4:23pm - and a shrug because I can't preheat the oven for dinner when I don't know how long we'll be, I get into 'out among people' attire and head off with Hubs - me driving slowly and him walking the line from here to the well house to see if we can see anything.  Nope.  We go into the well house - me armed with a fly swatter because the wasps are en masse.  He fiddles with the valve going to our side to retard the flow so there's some water but it's not overloading the pump.  We both hop into the car and head back, stopping along the way to talk to the two other homeowners who are effected.

Oh, I totally forgot.  Hubs washed the car the other day and for some reason, the bargain car washing soap had totally squicked out my windshield, making it really hard to see and windshield washer fluid didn't help.  So while we're home and he's checking other things, I grab some stuff called 'Invisible Glass' and clean my car windows.  I just get done with that when I hear him say 'Found it'.  He's over at the well tap near the construction site, so I walk over there.  Sure enough, there's a puddle in the tall grass. 

Between him, the two guys working on the new house, and the other neighbor, they get that tap turned off (it's in a pit and you need a special tool to get to it) and figure out what the problem is.

Weeks ago, when the company installed the line from the tap to the new house, they must not have let the adhesive set sufficiently, so when the guys turned on the water at the new house, air in the line jiggled the line enough to pop it apart and thus caused the leak.  We watched that company install that line and Hubs noted at the time that it didn't seem like they'd let it set long enough before they filled the hole.  Not our circus, not our monkeys - or so we thought. 

Anyway, we have water.  And it's flowing at the right pressure.  And everything.  Dishes are being washed as I type.  Shortly, Hubs will do our laundry and then Owl will do hers. 

By the way, I finally ate a bowl of cereal for dinner at about 7pm, after a whole afternoon of fun and sweating in the 90+F heat and angst and not flushing the damn toilets.  All because some questionable company couldn't wait for the glue to set.  Fucktards. 

Thank goodness we'd showered before it all went to hell.  Of course, after all that, we both needed showers again.  Derp.


  1. Yikes! Not fun but glad Hubs discovered the problem. He is the megaking! All hail the Hubs! I bet the new folks are none too happy about the situation. Y'all should charge them for the well guy's service call.

    Not much going on here. We're headed to funeral. I think it will be nap time when we get home.

    Hang in there and I hope the weekend gets better!

    1. The new house is actually being built by a guy and his brother who already live here and are on the well, so they and their families were effected, too. I think the service call expense needs to be passed on to the company that screwed up when they put in the line, but that's me.

      Sorry to hear you have to go to a funeral. =o(

      Eh, it's all good here now. We're prepared enough to weather most any minor emergency, so this was a blip that made for good blog fodder.

    2. Yeah, I meant the company that put in the line and didn't let the goop set. I was typing this morning with no caffeine. LOLOL Now it's nap time. I think we may have cereal for dinner here tonight. Later tater!

  2. Hugs on the water woes! I'm glad you found it and I think you should bill that company, too. After all, the worst that can happen is that they'll refuse to pay it.

    Hmmm. Do you know a lawyer who'd be willing to send the letter on his/her fancy letterhead?