Monday, June 15, 2020

An Update of Sorts

Yesterday's Sunday Update was shunted aside in favor of something more important.  Not that there was much to cover from the previous week.  Nothing writerly got done.  I read some stuff.  I baked some stuff.  I did some active stuff.  Mostly, I sat on my ass, growing increasingly angry about things outside my control.

I'm thankful every day that we chose to move out to the middle of nowhere.  Less chance of getting the 'Rona here.  Less chance of getting in the middle of these stupid riots.  Less chance of getting looted, etc. 

I'd be a whole lot better off if I avoided the news, but I don't.  I keep as up to date as my sanity allows because I don't want something major to go down and be caught off guard.   I mostly read the news in the mornings.  Then I scan through headlines off and on throughout the day.  I can only take about 7 minutes at a time.  Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. 

Right now, almost all my stress relief valves are squonky.  Walking?  Too damn hot.  Baking?  Too damn hot.  Cleaning?  Too damn hot.  Fishing?  It's too damn hot and the water's too high. Thrift shopping?  Well, the 'Rona has that all fucked up.  Writing?  My brain's spending too much time swirling in the chaos to focus on putting stories together.  About the only things I have left are reading and TV.  And TV ain't lookin' too good these days either.  So, I'm reading.

In better news, I'm starting to see deer with slimmer waistlines and full udders, which means BABIES!  They're out there somewhere.  Hopefully, it won't be too long before we see them.

In other nice news, my original hydrangea is covered with big, beautiful, clusters of white flowers that will turn pink and then darken to rose over the course of the summer.  And my second hydrangea is doing well, considering what it's been through.  Maybe that one will bloom next year.

And that's it for today.  But it's early yet.  Fingers crossed today brings something better for us all.

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  1. My hydrangea finally bit the dust. It was a blue one. I'd think about buying and planting a new one but I wouldn't take care of it so there's that.

    My little corner of suburbia is hanging in there. The county has had a spike in new cases, along with the state, but not us.

    Mystic Brittain on the History Channel. Except I fell asleep last night and didn't find out what happened to the Picts in Scotland. Oh well. Surely it'll rerun eventually.

    You've read my update. I've got to hit the store today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow morning early. Fewer stupid people out and about.

    I need to get heroines for my hunky Cajuns. I do know that one of them has cats and her dude hates cats. And I've found Beau's favorite shirt--black with pink flamingos and leaf fronds.

    Loki is starting to tolerate me again. He's sleeping on my bed--AFTER I washed the bedspread to remove the scent of that nasty intruder doggo. 🙄 He's also eating again, which had me worried. He's long and slinky and thin to begin with. He'll even let me play TP ball with him and rub his ears. Briefly. Like about 5 seconds. Progress.!

    Not much else going on in my world. Today I plan to veg. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll get on stuff then. Right? Sounds like a plan. Later, tater.