Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thursday This n That

So, I went price shopping for dry cat food.  And I about gagged at the price, so I gave up and just bought it at Wallyworld.  Then I discovered I'm only buying a 7lb bag and what I was looking at online was a 16lb bag.  Umm, yeah, better price online, but I already break the 7lb bag into like one pound baggies for freezing.  And it takes her like 10-14 days to eat through one baggie.  I do not need 16 baggies sitting in my freezer.  Maybe if I had a chest freezer or something.  Right now, though?  No.

I have to freeze the cat food.  If I don't, it gets stale and if it gets stale, it gives Kira urinary problems.  No problems since I started freezing the damn food.  :shrug: Who knew?  Okay, people probably knew.

I am a slave to my geriatric cat.

Cat food should be one word.  Seriously.   Catfood.  Mailbox is one word.  It's a box for your mail.  Therefore, food for your cat (or dog... I'm not species biased here) should be catfood (or dogfood).

Gimpy deer is walking better on his hurt leg now.  He's walking stiff, but not limping.  I saw him stare down a bigger buck yesterday and move him off the feed by just tilting his head.  He's scrappy.  I hope he makes it.  And eats lots of deerfood.  (Think about it.)

Okay, technically, the deer here don't eat 'deer food'.  That stuff is too expensive.  They eat whole corn mixed with pellets made to feed cattle.  (As long as it's dry outside.  Those pellets turn to gruel when they get wet.)  A 50 lb bag of deer feed is like $15.  A bag of cattle feed is like $8.  And it's basically the same stuff. 

We occasionally also give them a goat feed pellet that's supposed to protect against internal parasites like worms.

It's the end of January and I've already got stuff poking up out of the dirt - irises, columbines, etc.  My lilac already has little leaf buds.  Fingers crossed for no more really hard freezes.

I can't wait for Spring. 

And that's it for me today.  What's it in your world?


  1. Yeah for the gimp! Which is so totally un-PC but I don't care. I just want to stick my head in the freezer and scream all sorts of P-inC things. My head is a very loud place at the moment.

    Critter food is an interesting dilemma, especially when it comes to pricing. And those price tags that break down by ounce? Yeah, do the math because sometimes it ain't so.

    I'm frying 20 lbs. of bacon and 12 lbs. of sausage patties for the pancake breakfast at the post on Saturday. I'm also playing Jammie this afternoon, picking up Stormy at school, taking him for an early dinner and then returning him to school to meet his mom for open house.

    All my "busy" stuff is coming today and tomorrow, rather than having already happened.

    I'm ready for spring but I'm not. It hasn't been all that cold this winter but the older I get, the more I feel the cold. I love the flowers that spring brings but the storms? Yeah, not so much.

    My writing is boring me. That's not good. If I'm bored, think what my readers will be. I gotta work on that. It doesn't help that my life is pretty boring at the moment. I should work on that too.

    Okay. That bacon ain't gonna fry itself. I need to get a chunk of it done before end of school. Later, tater!

  2. I'm a slave to my geriatric cat, too.

    I want spring, but I'm not ready for it. I / We need to trim back a bunch of branches so Mom can mow easier. She LOVES her riding lawn mower! Thank goodness, 'cuz I'd just weed-eat a path from my house.

    More dad-sitting today. My once-a-week shot at TV. But I'm not going *near* the news. No Way. I can't wait for that mess to be over with. I don't even care (much) about the results anymore.