Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday This n That

Not sure how or why, but I slept straight through last night.  I wish I knew how and why so I could repeat that.  

This isn't the reason but...  After seven straight days of doing stuffs, I took yesterday off.  Well, off of everything but writing.  I actually got two pages of new words down on Cinder Ugly.  Yay.  I went with the original version.  The happier version was making me queasy.

I started a book yesterday and it was this close to being a DNF, so much so that I went to Amazon to see what the blurb was because I couldn't figure out why I had even picked it.  After reading the blurb, I decided to give it another try.  And actually, it's pretty good.  A little different, perhaps.  It's a lesson for me to not be so quick to DNF, I guess.  Of course, I could still end up swiping it closed and moving on.  I'll let you know on Saturday.

The bucks are starting to lose their antlers.  One is missing his rack entirely.  Another two only have one antler left.  =o(  On the bright side, in like 5 months the does will all be fat and waiting to drop fawns.

So, part of the 'new year, new resolve' thing is that I'm not buying chips or ice cream anymore.  I ate the last of the chips yesterday.  (Okay, we still have tortilla chips.  I've given myself a pass on those because I don't sit there stuffing them into my face every afternoon.)  We'll see how that resolve goes.  I do love me some chips (potato and corn) and crunchy cheese puffs.  I ran out of ice cream last week.  That one's been hard.  I love ice cream.  But I have managed to not buy it on two Wallyworld trips so far.  Go me.  I'm eating vanilla yogurt over canned fruit instead. 

I did two Wallyworld trips in one week because they're calling for crap weather starting this afternoon and we'd be out of cat food before the weather system moves out late Saturday.  If given the opportunity to avoid driving in crap weather, I'm gonna take it.  And if we don't get the crap weather, it's all good because now the house is stocked up.  Living in the sticks means planning ahead.

Okay, that's it for me this morning.  What's up with you?


  1. How is it Thursday? It is that time of year for bucks. Saw a trail cam pic on the local news this morning. An 8-point buck had nosed into the camera and his rack perfectly framed the shot of a second buck nibbling something on the ground. The antlers showed up white like a framed mat. It was pretty cool. Yay for new words!

    I haven't "pulled the trigger" on FfE yet. I had to do a revision yesterday to help out one of the other authors (the last one still writing) because she used one of my scenes as a set up for her couple but she had it later in the day. Ah well. Soon.

    I'm trying to work on MOONSTRUCK: BETRAYAL. So far, I've looked for cover photos, transferred MSS back to Scrivener, looked for cut scenes--not as many as I hoped, and stared out the window thinking about new stuff. Today, I'm going to start reading and revision the two novels that will make up the bulk of BETRAYAL.

    Jake got semi-skunked again. Then he rolled in the sand to "get it off." I need to wash him and all the bedding he's touched. Yippee. Waiting for the temp to get above 60 so I can take him outside to do it. He ain't gettin' in my car until he's clean so no way to take him to any sort of dogwash--plus, I think the closest is up by Only.

    This is Crime Week on A&E. The DVR is full. LOL

    I'm sure other stuff has happened. I just can't remember what it was. Time to get to work.

  2. Yay for new words! If the happy version made you queasy, it wasn't right for the story. Your gut is usually right.

    I slept all night long a couple of nights ago. Bliss! I wish it happened more often.

    I'm reading a book I want to DNF, but really there's nothing wrong with it. I'm just tired, I think. I keep hoping it will snag my interest again.

    We're due for crap weather tomorrow. Grumble. But we desperately need rain, even if it means thunderstorms.

    Today is dad-sitting day. Wish me a lot of good cartoons. ;-)