Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thursday This n That

Gah.  I can't believe it's Thursday again already.  Time is just whooshing past so far this year.

I saw on FB this morning that one of my favorite K9 officers from Live PD had to have emergency surgery.  Send whatever positive thoughts you can toward Springfield, MO and K9 Lor.  I also learned that Lor and his officer, Craigmyle retired recently.  I'm sad to see them leave the force, but I'm happy for them.  We need more officers like Craigmyle in the world.

Apparently there's some kind of kerfluffle thing going on over at the RWA.  Someone read something in a historical romance written like 20+ years ago that offended her somehow and took to twitter.  Offended people mobbed, things were said, the cry of 'racist' went up... :yawn:  I read a highlighted snippet of what the dustup was about and couldn't see what the problem was.  I guess I'm not woke enough.  And I don't want to be.

You know, I talk a good game about not caring what other people think, but if I explore it deeply, I find I care more than I should.  Maybe it's being a public personality as a writer and junk.  If I weren't a writer, I wouldn't have cause to care.  :shrug: 

In other non-news, I saw the cutest little girl at Wallyworld yesterday.  She was probably, I dunno, 14-16 months?  I waved at her as I was waiting to access the soups - her mom's cart was in the way - and then she started chattering at me.  And showing me everything she had in the cart - her new sippy cups and her vitamins and some other things.  I was smiling and laughing.  I thanked her for making my day brighter, grabbed my soup, and off I went.  Then I ended up behind them in the checkout - cuz I waved her mom in front of me.  (I had a full cart and she didn't.)  There this little girl was chattering away and I couldn't understand more than one word in four.  She seemed to be getting irritated that I wasn't answering her appropriately.  Finally, I told her 'I'm sorry, hon, but I haven't had to speak toddler in a long, long time'.  I mean, my Kid is 26, so I'm totally out of practice.  That seemed to satisfy her, but I was no longer an interesting person with whom to converse. 

I was telling my mom that I'm just about through with all the honey-dos and I wasn't sure what I'd do when they were all done.  She brought up the blanket I was crocheting for my oldest sister that I never finished.  I still have all of it, but I haven't touched it since Colorado.  So, like 7 years.  Yep, Mom's got a long memory for things left undone.  (And pretty much everything else.)   Unfortunately, I don't have the space to work on blankets here like I did there.  No couch where I can lay things out as I'm working.  Laying it all out on the bed would work, but I did that once in CO and it's a pain in the back.  So, the blanket bits stay in their tub.  For now. 

May I still be as sharp as Mom when I reach 79.

And on that note, I'll leave you to your own devices.  Have an awesome day.  Feel free to leave some this-n-thats on your way.  =o)


  1. Oh no! I hadn't heard about either the retirement or Lor's surgery. Sending good thoughts to both! Craigmyle is awesome and was a terrific officer. And Lor was...Lor. 💕 Kato from Williamson County got edged out by Bear last night on Top Dog. Ah well. I was rooting for Bear too! LG keeps asking Jake if he'd like to do that. I just stare. One, neither LG or I could do the course and two, Jake would love the "perp" to death rather than taking him down. 🤣

    I sent in my MS. Moved on to BETRAYAL. I can't believe how screwed the continuity was in BRIDE. Fixing as I go. Most of it is minor (has to do with trailers on Jacey's ranch) but totally bugging me. I'm on Chapter 9 of BRIDE, out of a total of 21, then 23 in ROGUE, plus writing new stuff in the middle. Or maybe the end, since BRIDE rolls directly into ROGUE at the end. Then, when BLUE MOON opens, everyone is in the bayous. Yeah...will probably do most of the new stuff at the end. We'll see.

    What else is going on? Not much. Weather's gonna be crappy. I'm thinking pizza tonight and chili tomorrow night.

    Ah...toddler speak. I don't miss those days but I enjoy making goo-goo faces at babies and toddlers.

    Yeah...RWA. No comment. I won't be renewing in May. Long story but the whole thing makes me sad.

    On that note, time to get to work! Later, tater.

  2. The RWA mess as I understand it: Miss M complained about the old novel (I think the woman is oversensitive). The RWA created a *secret* ethics board to kick Miss M out of the RWA, and to forever ban her from office. Huge outcry. Even publishers got mad and pulled their financial support.

    Other people's little kids are just darling. From a distance. A looooong distance. ;-)