Friday, January 3, 2020

Do It Anyway

I have a new mantra.  Every time I think to myself 'I don't want to do it', I'm going to tell myself 'too damn bad, do it anyway'.

Don't want to wash the dishes.  Too damn bad, do it anyway.
Don't want to backup the computer because it takes so long.  Too damn bad, do it anyway.
Don't want to file the bills.  Too damn bad, do it anyway.
Don't want to take furniture polish to the cabinets.  Too damn bad, do it anyway.

Actually, it's been more like 'too damn bad, get off your lazy ass and do it anyway.'

I got a whole boatload of stuff done on Wednesday that way.  All of the above listed 'don't want to' things were done.  Plus, I dealt with some insurance stuff for the new year, took down the Christmas tree, sorted receipts into 'need for taxes' and 'trash', and cleaned some unnecessary crap off my harddrive.  And when all that was done, I spent some time reading in front of the TV, took a shower and made dinner.

Then I got back to work on edits for Ugly and the Beast.  Lord knows, I didn't want to.  I haven't wanted to for months.  But it needed to be done and I needed to get off my lazy ass and do it.  And frankly, I've been tired of my crap for months, too.  Time to get mean with myself and get serious.  I was too slack in 2019 and the lack of accomplishments shows it.

Thursday wasn't quite the gumption spectacular I'd hoped for, but I did get stuff done and finished the day by writing a new ending for UatB.

New year, new attitude.  No letting myself get away with whining about the things I don't want to do.  And I'm channeling Ben Franklin - don't put off until later what you can do right now.

We'll see if I can keep this up.  So far, so good*.

What are some things you've been putting off?   What's on your to-do list?

*Slight road bump... when you hit the ground running, expect to be sore the next day.  I'm pretty sure it was the cabinets that did it, but I didn't let it stop me on Thursday.  Slow me down a little, but not stop me. 

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  1. I got derailed a bit because the gal who usually does all the "meat" for the pancake breakfast had stuff go down. LG knows I'll always assist. He even got me a new double-burner griddle for the task. Yesterday was 20 pounds of bacon. Today is like 84 sausage patties. Easy peasy. I've also spent weird amounts of time scouring my Feb. release for "teaser" lines and then graphics to send off to the cover artist. I've seen the final cover. It's awesome! She's doing losts of graphic stuff for the price but what I have in my head and finding it? Yeah...not much luck. Still, it's business-related procrastination so that's already better than last year. New writing will commence soon, though...the flash fiction challenges are spurring creativity so that's a plus. Possibilities. It's all about possibilities!

    On, and on that note... One of my writing foibles is "it's" for "its" because...possessive form, dammit. Requires an apostrophe! Well, I didn't have one instances of transposition in FIGHTING FOR ELENA. I caught them all prior to the final. Yayayayayay.

    Have a great weekend!