Monday, January 6, 2020

Lots of Work, but No Writing

It's the 6th day of 2020 and my 'new year, new resolve' thing is going along.  Not quite the gangbusters I had on 1/1, but still going. Yesterday, I derailed myself on the writing part of it, though. 

You see, I mentioned to Hubs that I needed to wash the windows.  I even went to the store to get plenty of paper towels for the activity.  Well, he took the idea and ran with it, so we spent the afternoon washing windows - inside and out.  Him up on the ladder doing the outside ones.  Me doing the inside ones and handing him supplies through the open windows. 

And, of course, some of the windows had to be taken apart - screens out, storm windows down and out.  Brush the screens, wash both sides of the storms, put them back in after Hubs did his thing.  Not an easy job.  I mean, the ones we did look awesome, but we're both feeling it today.  We were feeling it last night, too, which is why no writing got done.

Stuff happens. 

There are still four outside-wall windows to do and three interior windows.  (We have this weird thing where there are windows inside the house, from the office into the sun porch.)  I'll get those today, aches permitting.

I also happened to mention to Hubs that it's time to wash all the glass on the light fixtures again.  Good thing we were both too tired to start that yesterday or it would've been tackled, too.  Probably a 'later this week' project.

So, where's all this put the writing?  Well, one day off isn't a deal breaker.  I'll get back to it tonight, even if I don't wanna.  Last night was less a matter of 'I don't want to' than 'I literally can't'.  Body tired, brain fried, vegetative state.

Not sure what I'll do when all the honey-dos are completed around the house.  Start the list over again?  Gah.  Sit my ass down and work on writing for eight hours a day?  Not likely.  I'd like to find a happy balance.  We'll see.

All in all, I'm happy to be getting stuff accomplished again.  I'd be happier if there was more writing going on, but I can make that happen. 

What's on your honey-do list?  How's your new year so far?

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  1. Our list is so long and the chores so demanding we should just hire someone but food comes before honey-dos.

    As you know, I have FFE ready to go to the publisher. I need to work on my website to get it updated. I need to decides which writing project is next. And then I need to hit the words hard. Possibilities become publish-or-else in a hurry. Because...that whole affording food thing.

    And on that happy note, I need to get through the rest of my morning computer rounds before Stormy hits the house. Yay for Jammie time, except I'll be mush by the time I hand him back over to his mom after work today.

    later, tater.