Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Cat-Less Cover

Quicker than expected, because she's so damned awesome, Jessica got me my new cover back already.  So, here it is...
Okay, so there's no beast on the cover.  And I miss the cat.  But the cat isn't really the beast anyway.  And putting the hellbeast on the cover would've been kind of art intensive since he's a figment of my imagination.

Additionally, I got some encouragement toward going ahead with publication sans my Awesome Wonderful Editor.  Still sitting the fence on that one, but I'm leaning farther now.  What I really need to do is finish writing Cinder Ugly, then finish all the edits for Ugly and the Beast.  And then decide what I'm going to do.  That'll give me plenty of time to hash this out with myself.

Part of the fun of life is not knowing what's gonna happen.  Right?


  1. You know I'm always happy to copy edit/proofread. 🤭

    And I miss the cat on the cover too but que sera, sera.

  2. I'd be happy to proofread, too.

    I like the cover. Simple and direct. It doesn't hint much at fantasy, but the title surely does.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'll let you know when it gets closer to being ready for anyone else to read.