Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 3

Hello and welcome to the end of week 3.  I hope your year is going well so far.

After hitting the ground running at the beginning of the month, I hit a wall running.  Splat.  So, this week, I only got about 3500 new words written on Cinder Ugly and about 25 pages edited in Ugly and the Beast.  But slow progress is better than no progress.

I did some marketing because Accidental Death and Natural Causes are both on sale.  A lot of work for minimal sales.  But minimal sales are better than no sales.  Anyway, this Kindle Countdown Deal lasts through Tuesday night.  Project Hermes goes on sale in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

In reading news, I spent most of the week on a SF paperback.  It was like 580+ pages long.  Good book.  Not what I expected from a third book in this series, since it really didn't tie into the first two too much until like the last quarter, while the second book tied directly into the first.  :shrug:  And it read more like a dystopian than a SF - deep philosophical stuffs going on in there.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, though.  I didn't review it.  Not sure if I can do it justice.

Despite my 'do it anyway' resolve for the year, I didn't do much in activity this week.  I finally finished washing the light fixture globes, which was a necessity.  I vacuumed a bit in prep for washing floors and then I didn't wash the floors.  Like I said above, I hit a wall.  I did lose like a half a pound, though.  181.2.  And I got on the exercise bike for the first time in like a year.  Ten minutes of that and then nada.  The problem with the exercise bike is that it's uncomfortable on my aberrant bone growths.  I expect if I do it more, the ABGs will get used to it.

Still no ice cream.  I'm slowly getting to the point where I don't want it.  I even went to Wallyworld and didn't go into that aisle.  We'll see what happens once the temps rise.  Typically, I eat less ice cream in the winter anyway, so there's the real test.

Yesterday, I rearranged the fridge shelves.  Woohoo.  We'll see how it works for us and if it's a pain, then I'll move the shelves back.  Right now, though, it just seems to make more sense to put the heavy beverages on the bottom shelf for more stability and the leftovers on the top shelf where there's light enough to see what the hell is in the containers.  Why I never thought of this before escapes me.  I guess I've just been putting the milk and juice on the top shelf all my life.  Habit - it's a thing, man.

Okay, that's about enough out of me.  I probably should get myself back in gear.  It's a new day and a new week.  Time to kick the old attitude in the pants and jump start the new attitude again. 

How was your week?


  1. It was a week. I ran headfirst into Life which slowed me down considerably. I'm on the "first" chapter 9 of edits/additions of BETRAYAL. Maybe I'll get back on it today. Maybe not. I always worry that if I take a mental health day, it will roll over into weeks of nothing because I'm...mental.

    Lots of Stormy time last week, and then tomorrow. I wish optional holidays were not. If half the population is off work, it sure messes up the half that isn't. Stormy is out of school, his parents aren't. So...Jammie time.

    Guess that means I should actually get some writing/editing done today. He's gotten better about letting me have some time while he plays alone (yay for the new doc!) but I always sort of feel bad. 😟

    I wish I could say there'd been exciting things happen. Nope. Nada. Which, I suppose, beats the alternative. 😂

    Here's to a new week filled with new possibilities!

  2. Yay for *any* kind of progress!

    Hey, wasn't yesterday Monday? Sigh. I know I got some work done, but how much... I need to start keeping track again.