Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 52

Time for the update on the last week of 2021.  Yay.  But I've been up since 2:30a, so bear with me.

I worked on editing five days out of seven this week.  That got me 65 more pages edited.  As of last night, I'm on page 181 of 355.  Over halfway!  Yay!

I finally got Dying Embers loaded to Draft 2 Digital.  Just a few minutes ago.  Links will be updated once a few distributors are on board and I can get a customized link.  I set it at 99c.  I also went back and changed the price of Wish in One Hand to 99c, too.  Loss leaders for the rest of the series and all that.  Trying to drum up sales, doncha know.  (I'll do a sales wrap-up sometime this coming week.)

In reading news, I had an okay week, but I missed my yearly goal by 5 books.  Derp.  Ditto on the wrap-up thing here, too.

On the baking front, I made more cookies.  Heh, like I need more cookies.  And I made more granola bars for Hubs.

Speaking of not needing cookies, I didn't hardly do anything active last week.  One day cutting limbs into firewood and two days messing around with the dirt in the front bed.  The good-ish news is that I haven't really gained too much weight.  Starting this year with 182.2 pounds.  Only .6 pounds more than I started last year with.  Woohoo.

Hmm, what else... Oh, I created 2022 versions of all my spreadsheets.  I have some formulas to add for the big one, but the rest are ready to input data to.  Yay. had a free week of searching through birth, marriage, and death records, so I did some of that.  Discovered my cousin Gerald died last year.  (Don't worry, we weren't close.  My uncle got divorced from his mom and they were estranged.  So I only saw him a couple times at the family reunion when I was a teen.  Nice guy, though.)  And that my poor little cousin William, who would've been older than my dad, only lived 13 days.  Oh, and that my great-great uncle Cecil may have been a prisoner of war in WWII.  Interesting stuffs.  I also got farther up the tree in a couple spots where the family was still in Europe and those records were translated - like to a Great-great-great grandma whose maiden name was Grodzyski.  (Already found one whose maiden name was Pruzinski.)

Oh, and I saw a big, beautiful bald eagle not far from the house.  So pretty.

Anyway, not a lot of exciting stuff for the end of 2021.  Pretty par for the course on that year.  How did your last week of the year go?


  1. All good stuffs reported from you, IMO. Sorry for the early wake-up, though. I'm managing at least 5 am and sometimes 6 these days.

    I did hit my 200-book challenge. I'm only going for 150 for 2022 for...reasons. I'm currently searching for something that will hold my attention.

    I managed a few odd words on the WIP but mainly focused on getting two books updated and uploaded to D2D. Five more to go in January and then all my self-pubs will be wide.

    Let's not talk about weight, uhm-kay? I'm not gaining, not losing but need to drop the scale so...

    I cooked a brisket, baked beans, deviled eggs, and had the rolls made at Christmas and frozen for New Year's lunch. We chowed and watched the OSU game. The REAL OSU. Go Pokes! Cardiac Cowboys for sure! That fake OSU should have lost. 😝

    The week between Christmas and New Year's is also sort of a Twilight Zone place for me. I tend to procrastinate more (which is a BAD thing considering how much of it I did in 2021). As a result, I really didn't do much beyond the above.

    Tomorrow is the start of a new "week." I know Sunday starts the week on calendars but having worked 8-5, M-F for most of my life, Monday is the start of the week. I'll be doing some musing of my own later today for my blog tomorrow.

    At the moment, I'm trying to say warm--we're up to a whole 16 (as in SIXTEEN!!!) degrees. Brrrr 🥶🥶🥶 Color me blue icicles!

    My other goal for today is to find a freakin' book to listen to. Not even my "chicken soup" books are singing their siren song. Ugh. I hate reading slumps. Maybe that's Iffy's way of telling me to start writing like a mad woman. We shall see.

    In the meantime, stay warm!

  2. Hooray for editing progress!

    How cool your research sounds! I keep threatening to get onto, but I doubt I ever will. Just not enough motivation.

    I hope you get a photo of your bald eagle.

    I managed a lot more progress on the dressmaking book this week. Of course, my "new" sources are (so far) clear and easy to clean up. Makes life sooooo much easier!