Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday This n That

I'm on Linked In and I occasionally get job listings in my email.  One yesterday sounded interesting - Remote Proofreader.  Cool.  I went over to look at it.  The listing was rife with weird characters and grammatical issues.  I wonder if they put it up that way as an initial test for people applying for the job.  Sort of an "if you can read this and fix it, you're the person for us.  ROFL  (There were parts of the job, once I parsed it out, that sounded hinky, so no.  And no, I'm not really looking for a job, but if something amazing came along, who knows?)

Today, the last of my books drops out of Kindle Unlimited.  I'll get it set up and uploaded to D2D this weekend.  

In case you're not on FB or you missed it, here's a pic of one of the foxes that traipsed through my yard a couple days ago:

Yeah, it saw me and bolted, so I didn't get a chance for a good pic.  If it hadn't stopped under that oak, I wouldn't have gotten one at all.  

Yesterday, I dusted and vacuumed everything but the office.  And now I'm sore.  That's just not fair.  Getting old sucks.  Sore or not, I'll get the office done today.

I also rearranged the spare room.  I put the exercise bike under the other window, so I have a view of the bird feeder while I ride.  Of course, moving that there meant I needed to move the table with my radio and cassettes next to it (for better indoor biking), but to do that I had to move the little bookshelf where I keep the stock of my paperbacks and also the plant stand and the chair.  Anyway, the room's like I want it.  For now.  Unfortunately, I was too tired to actually ride the damn bike yesterday.  Maybe today.

:sings: Maybe today, we can put the past away...

Funny how certain phrases can make a song instantly pop into my head.  That was Jumper by Third Eye Blind.

Hey did you hear YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are merging?  They're calling it YouTwitFace.  ROFL

And with that, I'll leave.  Have a great day, everyone.  And drop a comment on your way out.  


  1. WOW! Busy week--and no wonder you're sore. That's a lot of heaving and shoving and carrying to rearrange a room. I totally get the whole situational moving thing. As much as I want to simply move my desk from a north-facing wall (corner) to the east-facing wall (SAME corner) I have to stratigically move every freaking piece of furniture and item in the office. I'll get there. Some day. 😂

    Also, cool fox! Since we got the Ring camera, I've seen the little stray Papillon (I've tried to go out to see if he'll come to me but as soon as I open the door he takes off! Poor little bugger.😟 Also, a BIG fat raccoon. Who ate cat food and drank and a couple of the cats just stayed on the bed on the bench and watched. There's a new little orange cat that visits the driveway but not the porch. And I've confirmed that Shylock uses the cat house on the porch when it gets cold.

    In other news, CHRISTMAS MOON went wide last week and CRASH & BURN goes wide today, as soon as I confirm it's off KU/KS, which it wasn't despite me unchecking the box. I checked it this morning and it did then say my unscribing it was confirmed. I'll check the actual listing after I finish this, then I'll upload the new updates to both places. 📚

    As you're aware, freaking Chapter 16 has consumed my soul this week. 😈 I think it's fixed now. We'll see when I come back for the first hard edit.

    Plumbing woes got fixed before the ugly weather hit. That's a plus. We have the original "orangeburg" sewer lines (the house was built in 1964). To update would mean going through the concrete slab. Nope. We get a clog about every two years and it costs about $100 to get it roto-rootered out. As oppsed to over $10K (and that estimate was ten years ago!). Anyway, we're free-flowing once again. And no, I will NOT drop an "appropriate" emoji here. You're welcome.

    Somebody PLEASE stuff a sock in Sleepy Joe's mouth! (Yes, I do have the news on in the background.)

    Okay. That's my this for this week. And now I need coffee, then C&B attention. Later, tater! 🥰

  2. What a cool pic! I love the fox and the snow. It's ccccoooolllddd here, but no chance of snow.

    If you're sore, you did more activity than a bike ride. It counts for your list!

    Remote Proofreader sounds like a great match, but with the listing so weird I think I'd skip it.

    I have a 1/4" blister on the back of my knuckle. I've gotten so air-headed, I turned on the wrong burner and when I went to pick up the stirring spoon I singed myself good. I'm lucky to have only one blister, but that spoon's handle is melted. Must pay more attention! Or get a new brain... Getting old sucks!