Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday This n That

 :blink: :blink:  It's Thursday.  Huh, how about that.  Whoda thunk it?

I read an interesting article this morning about a poet and former teacher getting cancelled because of some things in her poetry that people found offensive.  She apologized.  She agreed to rewrite her work because she certainly didn't want to offend anyone.  And she was still cancelled.  Her offense?  She described a kid as having 'almond shaped eyes' and another as having 'chocolate-coloured skin'.   How the hell are you supposed to describe those things?  :shrug:  Oh, and the book of poetry by those children she once taught - cancelled, too.  Derp.  Let this be a lesson - write what you write and if someone has a problem with it, ignore them.  They'll cancel you either way, but at least if you don't bow to them, you'll still have a backbone.

Yes, Virginia, the world HAS gone stark-ravin' mad.  :sings:  Every day, in every way, it gets a little shittier.

So, there's this trucker convoy up in Canada, driving to Ottawa to protest the draconian mandates put out by Trudeau and his ghouls.  It's like 50000 trucks and 70 miles long, if I read all that right.  We need that here.  They've had their way for too damn long and enough is enough.  And our feckless leader (or the puppeteers who prop him up) are poking at Mother Russia.  Yeah, a war with Russia in winter.  Sounds like a severely bad idea to me.  Or a Woody Allen movie.  

I finished my dragon.  I don't know what I'm going to do with her, but she's done.  I've named her Icefire.  I'm not sharing her here because she's mine and I don't want some twatwaffle stealing her.  I easily put 20 hours of my effort into making her.  Teeny tiny, pixel-level, painstaking effort - like painting miniatures with a toothpick effort.  (Yes, I used to paint miniatures. With a toothpick.  It ain't easy, folks.)

It's been blisteringly cold here.  Which means a lot of inside time.  Which is why I spent days playing with creating a dragon that I may or may not be able to use on a book cover.  I spent so much time doing this that when I went to bed last night, I could still see pixels being deleted or re-colored.  

I probably should start thinking about my container garden.  It's hard to think about gardens when it's been like 14F.  

I saw a friend talking on FB about making a potroast.  My first thought was: "How'd you afford a pot roast?"  Not because he's poor, but because potroast is so damn expensive.  

I saw something where Jen Presschicki said something about people should just chill out and have a margarita, or something.  (Maybe it wasn't her.  I dunno.  It's hard to tell which moron said which moronic thing these days.)  Anyway, it occurred to me, keeping with the whole Russia theme, that vodka was the one thing the old USSR never seemed to run out of.  Keep the peasants drunk so they won't bitch about anything.  Here?  Keep them drunk and hopped up on drugs.  People will do anything for their fix.    

Just because I'm a conspiracy theorist doesn't mean I'm not right.  

Got anything to add?  What's up in your this-n-that world today?


  1. Hooray for Icefire! I can hardly wait to see her!

    I don't get the whole cancel culture thing. Sure, there's tons of stuff out there I can't stand, but it's my right to ignore all of it. Of course, half the time I ignore stuff I agree with, too. ;-)

    Mom wanted to renew her driver's license online, so I fought and fought with the website. You have to be psychic to figure out how to do it, or hit all the buttons, one by one. Turns out she's too old to renew online and has to go in for a vision test and mental evaluation. She'll do fine with vision, but she's been an airhead all her life, so who knows how that will go.

    I found some new sources for my book. But I REALLY need to stay off eBay!

  2. Jen Presschicky! Aahahahahahaha. Yes. It was her. She suggested chilling out with a margarita or a kick-boxing class. Yeah. Come out in the real world, ya tool! Tool is my new favorite word these days. It's so...Boston. Ahem.

    A 12-mile long convoy of Maine truckers has joined the Canadians. Trudeau and Biden need to get together on the beach in Delaware where a red tsunami can give them a dose of reality.

    I'm wondering if I should learn Chinese and/or Russian because it's damn sure starting to feel like I'm living under one of those regimes.

    I really need to channel my thoughts into a book. I need to revisit THE WIDOW. You know, in my spare time.

    LG went to the store yesterday and the employees were frazzled. There'd been a run on everything because OMGWTFBBQ SNOWWWWWW! Forecasted. A traqce to maybe an inch. It was like people though snowmageddon was coming. We got barely a trace. Idiots. Also, we didn't win Megamillions. But then no one else did either.

    I need sleep. Uninterrupted. Not happening.

    I did get HUNTER'S MOON uploaded first thing this morning. It's back live at Amazon but they didn't update the freaking blurb. I should start getting notices from D2D about it hitting other outlets. One more to go, Jan. 30th.

    What else? Stormy comes this afternoon after school. The Kids are headed to the Jeff Dunham show tonight. They'll pick him up afterward. And a shout out to Jet Blue for flying cops in for the funerals in NYC. "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes is as tearjerking as "Taps" on a lone bugle.

    That's it for me. Time to get on with the day. Later, tater!