Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday This n That

Yesterday kicked my butt.  I didn't even really do nearly as much as I have done on other days, but man, was I ever tired last night.  I made myself stay up until 8 and then I was done.  Of course, that meant I was up at 4:30, but a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

The other day, Hubs carried a tree up from the bottom of the hill.  It was dead and I had pushed it over sometime last year.  We cut it in half and he carried the halves up.  Lumberjack dude that he is and all.  Yesterday, we sawed it into firewood.  Not exactly sure what the tree was - almost all of its bark was gone and obviously, no leaves - but that was some hard-ass wood there.  Maybe elm.  Possibly ash, although barkless ash really does remind me of a baseball bat and this wasn't like that.  :shrug:  Whatever it is, it will burn well.

Wood interests me... what can I say?

There are three things that I've always had an affinity for - trees, birds, and rocks.  This place is replete with all three.  I love it here.

I am a literal tree-hugger.  Yes, I hug trees.  Not that I believe they really care, but it makes me feel good.  I talk to them, too, and for the same reason.  Some of them have names - Oberon (the big fairy oak), Whitey (the little swamp oak), Little Red (our young red oak), Q-tip (because it's tall with a tuft of leaves at the top), Magic (because for some reason, it always has water in its crown and all the birds/squirrels drink there, so it must be magic).  The little elm I have in a pot is Elmer.  Hey, I didn't say they were the most creative names.

I realize I am not the most interesting of people.  This is why being actively social is so hard for me.  Trying to come up with something interesting to contribute to a group of strangers is difficult when you know you're not all that interesting.  I'm fine around friends.  They get me and they find me interesting or they wouldn't hang around me.  I also have a weird sense of humor and I'm not always good at picking up on social cues.  

Which reminds me... I was at the smoke shop chatting with a friend there about books and she was telling me about this book that grossed her out - in detail - right when a customer walked in and the look on his face was priceless.  I had to explain we were talking about a book and he was all like 'hey, I'm not here to judge' or something.  It was pretty funny.  Then out of the blue, the dude asked us how to spell something.  I didn't know him and neither did she, but he just blurted out 'how do you spell Lonnie?'  I guess he figured since we read books and stuff, we'd know how to spell stuff.  ROFL

Sometimes I encounter the strangest people.  A while back I came across this guy shouting obscenities toward the back of the Dollar General.  At first, I thought he was yelling at a dog, but nope, he was shouting at nothing.  A couple days ago, there he was again, this time on a little bitty bike, riding across the highway shouting obscenities at nothing.  Luckily, he turned and went the other way.  I was just telling Hubs about running into him again.  "Same guy?" he asked.  "I think so."  "Good, I'd hate think there were two of them."  ROFL

Life's weird.  You gotta find your jollies where you can, eh?


  1. I like birds, rocks, and trees too. And bits of wood. But I also like my five-minute drive for groceries and Starbucks. I'll leave livin' in the sticks to you. Been there, did that. Raised chickens, ducks, and horses. I'm too lazy for that life now. 🥱

    The huge tree that dropped a massive branch on our roof a couple of years ago is an ash. It puts out nasty seeds with sharp points. The outer wood is light but the heart is almost as red as cedar. It's pretty wood but those seed thingies are awful. They get embedded in the dogs' fur and ouch! 🌳

    Adulting is hard. Even over that new-fangled thing the intrawebz. I don't abide stupid people well and the webz is full of 'em. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    It's supposed to be semi-warm today and tomorrow before the bottom drops out again. I'm hoping LG and I can get the Ring doorbell and free-standing camera the Kids gave me for Christmas up and installed. I'm hoping to catch critters and ghosts. You know, so I can send footage into "Paranormal Caught on Camera" and/or "The Osbourne's Want to Believe." 🤣

    CHRISTMAS MOON is going wide this week. I have three more books and then I'm done with KU but for the books with Susan Stoker's publishing "company."

    The fat, juicy cheeseburgers I made last night were yummy! They just hit the spot. I should make the Cool Whip snickerdoodles today. We're down to 3 of the bakery-bought ones. Speaking of cookies, inflation and the supply chain have hit Girl Scout cookies. Their price is going up and they may be in limited supply. What's the world coming to? 😵

    Totally random today. It's been on of those weeks. Nothing of real import, nothing exciting. A few new words, lots of admin stuff. Time to get to work. Later, tater! 🤗

  2. LOL! Thinking of odd people, a few months back Mom and I were stopped at a red light when a young man crossed the street, singing and dancing. His much-too-loose shorts fell straight to the ground, and there he was, accidentally mooning traffic. ROFL!

    Hmm. I ought to name my trees. Maybe they'd grow better? I need a magic tree. I need 100 magic trees! We're in drought conditions again.

    The new neighbor, who bought about 90 acres surrounding us on three sides, seems to be terraforming it. New soil carted in, new trees planted, new gravel roads laid down, and the promise of a single house and workshop. Thing is, the place looks to be set up as a trailer park. A bit alarming.

    I'm in the running for "Most Boring Person on the Internet." ;-)