Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Update - 2022 Week 1

Ya know, I've been doing these weekly updates for a while now.  I don't know why it never occurred to me to put the year in the subject.  Hmm.  Okay, it's there now.  Derp.

Anyhoo...  It was a productive week for writing.  I edited six out of seven days.  Got 57 pages done this week.  That's not bad at all, especially considering I took Thursday off and I only got 4 pages done last night.  Of course, last night I ended up adjusting all the chapters, moving stuff around, adding chapter numbers and bookmarking them, etc.  Sometimes when I write the first draft, I either forgot to do chapters, sticking little hashtags to break up the scenes, or I just put CHAPTER and keep writing.  And now that's done - the book has 36 chapters.  I'm on page 238 of 360 of the editing.  Woohoo.

Okay, so Dying Embers and Wish in One Hand are both at 99c now.  I really need to get some advertising out about that.  Maybe tomorrow.

I had a nice reading week.  I finished two books and right now I'm reading a lovely Zane Grey novel.  I really like this one.  (Not that I haven't enjoyed his others, but this one is more... everything.)  I'll talk about it Saturday.

In baking news, I made pizza earlier in the week.  Then, yesterday, I made cake cookies.  In bar form, because I was feeling lazy.  Then I smooshed them into an 8x10" pan instead of a 9x13", so they'd be thicker and more brownie-like.  I probably could've taken them out a minute or so sooner, but they're pretty good.  Sadly, I ate the last of the ice cream yesterday.  Better get myself hence to the DG.  

Activity-wise... Well, it wasn't my best of weeks.  Only three days.  I got the whole house vacuumed, which is a feat.  Then we did one day of working in the woods.  Then yesterday we attacked the remaining leaf piles.  We dragged them further into the woods.  In order to do that, though, we needed to thin the underbrush.  It looks quite nice... or it will once spring comes.  Weight: 182.6

In the interest of being more social, I've been posting more to FB and MeWe.  I've also joined GETTR because a writer I follow was bragging about how many followers he's gotten on there in so short a time.  Me?  Crickets.  But I'm putting myself out there.  Not sure what to say when I'm there (or anywhere else for that matter), but I'm there.  

We got a little snow this week.  But it's gone.  They were predicting freezing rain, but it missed us.  Other than that, it's just been cold.  Yuck.  Oh, well, it's January, so I guess that's to be expected.

And there it is... another boring week in the life of B.E. Sanderson.  How was your first full week of the new year?


  1. I wish there was a way to search GETTR for like authors and readers and stuff. Oh well. At least I can post stuff there to get it off my chest and no one will see it becaue I have two followers--you and a conversative radio/podcast host. LOL Anyway... Congrats on your writing progess. That's awesome and yay for a better looking yard.
    I got BAD MOON wide and it's slowly populating other online sellers. I got some writing done, but like you there was more "housekeeping" than new words. Still, all part of the process.

    I made waffle batter for dinner Friday night. It was all kinds of awesome. I haven't made the CoolWhip/cake snickerdoodles because LG keeps buying some from Braums.

    Reading was mostly a bust but I snagged a Louis L'Armour and inhaled it. Now I'm listening to the first in a wolf shifter paranormal romance. There are 3 books in the series and not sure if more are to come. Only into chapter 2 but so far so good.

    Stormy did a Mythbusters marathon with his Big Daddy yesterday. The kid is waaaay too smart. He was explaining about one of the tests and got all technical about electrical measurements and stuff. I was agog.

    We had a dusting of snow too. Colg temps. Moderate temps and back to cold. We did get some much needed rain but not nearly enough.

    I'm sure other stuff happened but I need more coffee. Here's to a productive week for us all!

  2. Yay for editing! Have any new titles struck you during this round?

    I need to exercise more. I'm getting soooo stiff. I still walk most days, but it's not helping my back much.

    I finished reading The Painter Knight. Loved it so much I'm threatening to reread it again this week!

    It's a bit too chilly for me down here, too. Not so much that I'm whining for spring yet, though. ;-D

    I got a fair bit of work done. My new sources are great!