Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thursday This n That

 A while back Amazon decided that when they send you a confirmation email after you order a book, it would make the subject some kind of code - which matches neither the ISBN or the ASIN - instead of the book title.  And to see the actual title, you have to click a link in the email.  And then it asks you for your password.  Like this is some kind of state secret.  Blerg.  Are there people out there for whom having the title in the email subject is a real problem?  Are they all like 'OMG, I couldn't bear it if someone saw I'd ordered The Duchess and the Rapacious Rake.'?  Not having the title in the subject, as you might've guessed, is exceptionally irritating to me, since I use those emails to track where I'm at reading the books I've ordered.  Just now, I implemented a new step that fixes it.  I forward the email back to myself and change the subject to the damn book title.  It's an extra step, but it stops messing with my system.  Last year, I ordered 113 books from Amazon.  Try juggling those.  (And yes, I have a spreadsheet with the titles, but that's not the point.)

Why can't people just leave things alone?  Newer isn't always better.  And change isn't always necessary.  Sheesh.

Guess what?  2022 is the year DOOM happens.  (It's a videogame and a movie.  Love the movie, never played the game.)  Since we haven't discovered the gateway thingie yet, I think we're safe from that.  SOYLENT GREEN is also set in 2022.  Not sure we're in a place where we'll be turning the elderly into food, but what do I know?  For the record, I haven't seen this movie, but it's enough of a cultural icon, I pretty much know what's going on.

I heard today that our feckless leader doesn't even know what year it is.  I am unsurprised.  Remember when they hammered Reagan for making small mistakes like that?  Pepperidge Farms remembers.  But Creepy Joe gets a pass.  Feh.

I also read a newstory from the 3rd about New Hampshire and Vermont law enforcement getting called to a report of a dog running loose on a bridge.  They get there and the German Shepherd leads them to where a truck had gone through the guardrail and rolled down an embankment, throwing both occupants out into the snow.  They were seriously injured and hypothermic, but alive.  One of them was the dog's owner.  The dog was unharmed.  Dog saves man.  Again.  Yay.

My new coffee maker has a 'strong' setting.  Hallelujah.  I'm playing with the idea of being able to use less coffee grounds by making it on 'strong'.  We'll see.

I'm running one day off this week.  Yesterday, I thought it was Thursday.  I thought Tuesday was Wednesday.  You get the gist.  Thankfully, I've stopped myself before doing anything stupid.  Part of this is probably my check arriving a day late.  Throws everything off.  Derp.

And that's it for me.  Anything on your this-n-that radar today?


  1. Hey, at leaszt your check arrived this time! And that dog is Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Balto all rolled into one. And yeah, why mess up things that ain't broke? Okay, in my world...

    The story that set me off was the doofus-in-chief saying he doesn't have time to think--despite taking off every weekend to hit the beach house in Delaware (where he just spent the past two weeks). He's taken more vacation time in the past few months than the last president did during his entire term! πŸ™„

    The declutter continues but not necessarily by intent. I've cleared a bookcase and one of my file drawers due to outside forces--Boone attempting to eat one of Only's stuffies in the shelf and me looking for insurance info so we could cancel. (It was a "tech" policy that we've spent more on than LG spent to upgrade his laptop). Our phones are covered under our provider plan and only phones, tablets, and computers were covered under the policy we cancelled. Anyway, I have an inbox and organized paper files I can actuall access now. Who knows what today will bring? 😡

    BRRRR! πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯ΆπŸ₯Ά Currently 16F and -3F windchill. I want to get back under the covers. Saturday, it's supposed to be 63. That's better.

    Reading/listening is still mostly a bust. The current book is okay but not blowing up my skirt. Sadly, there's not much else out there that does. This gives me a sad. 😟

    I've decided I'm going to make homemade waffles for dinner tonight. Yummers. πŸ˜‹

    This pretty much covers that. Stay warm! I'm headed for more ☕ and then I'm going to stare at the WIP for awhile. Later, tater!

    1. I'm going to try and remember to comment on the comments in here this year.

      Anyway, I try to ignore what the doofus does, but yeah, that kind of burns my butt, too. Yay for declutter, even if it was without intent. Good thing you got the stuffie away from Boone. I hope today only brought good things.

      The temps blow... literally. I can't wait for Saturday. Bummer that reading/listening is still a bust. I hope you get out the slump soon. Yay for waffles!

      Stay warm over there, too!

  2. Yay for that dog! That story gives me a happy vibe.

    It's too cold out there for me. I had to cut our walk short; we hadn't gone 1/4 mile and I was frozen solid.

    I have every program that will let me set on DO NOT UPDATE. Windows 10, of course, does its annoying download whether I want it to or not. I do want the security stuff, but not the "we have a new toy" stuff.

    Rats. I have nothing even marginally interesting to say, so I'll crawl back into my hermit cave. ;-)

    1. I'm glad I gave you a happy vibe this morning, Deb. Sorry your walk was pre-empted by the cold. Ugh, I hate automatic updates.

      You're always interesting. :hugs: But I totally get the need to get back to the hermitude. :hugs: